Mobile Strike Oil Well

Mobile Strike Oil Well

Oil Wells produce oil for your base and increases oil capacity. A higher level well will generate more oil.

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Oil Well

Oil can also be gotten from going to the world map and occupying resources. Below is a chart of the requirements to get a max level Oil Well.

11001001000h 1m 0s
Headquarters 15
21701701700h 2m 4s
Headquarters 110
32892892890h 4m 0s
Headquarters 115
44924924920h 8m 0s
Headquarters 125
58378378370h 16m 0s
Headquarters 535
61,6741,6741,6740h 32m 0s
Headquarters 655
73,3483,3483,3481h 4m 20s
Headquarters 785
87,3666,6966,0262h 14m 24s
Headquarters 8125
912,05314,73111,3834h 9m 36s
Headquarters 9190
1020,08818,07916,0708h 6m 24s
Headquarters 10285
1130,13230,13230,13210h 14m 24s
Headquarters 11430
1245,19845,19845,19812h 17m 17s
Headquarters 12645
1367,79767,79767,79714h 44m 45s
Headquarters 13970
14101,686101,696101,69617h 41m 42s
Headquarters 141,455
15152,543152,543152,54321h 14m 0s
Headquarters 152,185
16228,816228,816228,8161d 1h 28m
Headquarters 163,280
17343,224343,224343,2241d 11h 40m
Headquarters 174,925
18514,836514,836514,8362d 9h 4m
Headquarters 187,385
19772,254772,254772,2544d 6h 44m
Headquarters 1911,080
201,158,3811,158,3811,158,3817d 16h 56m
Headquarters 2016,625
2117375721737572173757230d 19h 43m
Headquarters 2124,935