Mobile Strike Troop Training Guide

Troops are quite confusing in this game, especially for beginners. The majority of the game in the beginning has been all about building, building and more building. When I started out, I neglected troop training. Let’s take a look at what troops can do for you.

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Troops Types

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There are currently 4 types of troops. They are Infantry, Armored Vehicles, Tactical and Artillery. They all have their advantages against a certain type. The relationship goes like this:

Tactical > Infantry > Armored Vehicles > Tactical

Artillery is strong against traps but is weak against the other 3 types.

Boost Troop Training Speed

You can speed up your troop training time using the following methods:

  • Large number of high level Banks(1 level of bank will give you 1% training speed)
  • Commander Skill – Troop Training(Level 15 gives 30% training speed)
  • Commander Gear – Accessory Chest Candy(Legendary gives 10% training speed)

The timer calculation for training speed is:

x = Your total troop training speed boost modifier
Actual Time = Original Time/((x + 100)/100)

So, 100% speed training boost = 1/2 the amount of time needed.

You can unlock new types of troops as you research from the Academy. Once your Academy hits certain levels, you will unlock stronger troops. Below are the levels you will attain new troops.

Academy Level Tier
8 2
15 3
21 4

Most tier 3 units have more power, so many players prefer to use them over other tiers. Rush your HQ to 15 and unlock them as soon as you can. Now let’s take a look at the available units and troops at your disposal.


Tier Name Upkeep Power Load
T1 Soldier 1 2 7
T2 Machine Gunner 2 8 9
T3 Rocket Infantry 3 24 12
T4 Demolitions 4 36 20


Tier Name Upkeep Power Load
T1 Scout 1 2  6
T2 Commando 2 8  8
T3 Ranger 3 24 10
T4 Delta 4 36 15

Armored Vehicles

Tier Name Upkeep Power Load
T1 Patrol Vehicle 1 2  5
T2 Armored Vehicle 2 8  7
T3 LAV 3 24  8
T4 Tank 4 36 12


Tier Name Upkeep Power Load
T1 Mortar 1 4  8
T2 Missile Launcher 2 16  10
T3 Howitzer 3 36  15
T4 Rocket Artillery 4 48 30

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