Mobile Strike Walls

Mobile Strike Wall Guide

High level walls are essential in your defense against attacks. Walls allows you to place traps and fend off attackers. A higher level wall increases the trap capacity.

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For example, you can build the following:

Note: Most walls are weak vs artillery. Keep that in mind.

  • Sand Bag
  • Barbed Wire
  • Trip Wire – Strong vs Tactical Troops
  • Tank Trap – Strong vs Armored Vehicles
  • Land Mine – Strong vs Infantry
  • Bunker – Strong vs Armored Vehicles and Infantry
  • Claymore – Strong vs Tactical and Infantry Troops
  • EMP Mine – Strong vs Tactical and Armored Vehicles
  • Hydra – Strong vs Infantry, no weaknesses
  • Sniper Tower – Strong vs Tactical, no weaknesses
  • Javelin – Strong vs Armored Vehicles, no weaknesses

Below is a chart of the requirements for a higher level wall.


PowerBuilding Requirements
10h 0m 0s
21,4401,8009005400h 3m 30s
32,5923,2401,6209720h 7m 0s
44,6665,8322,9161,7500h 14m 0s150Armory 4
58,39910,4985,2493,1500h 28m 0s210Armory 5
616,79820,99610,4986,3000h 56m 0s330Armory 6
733,59641,99220,99612,6001h 56m 0s510Armory 7
860,47383,98437,79327,7203h 55m 12s750Armory 8
9134,384184,76571,38645,3607h 16m 48s1,140Armory 9
10221,734226,757100,78175,60014h 11m 12s
1,710Armory 10
11272,128377,928160,619124,74017h 28m 19s
2,580Armory 11
12453,546566,892283,446170,10021h 30m 15s
3,870Armory 12
13680,319850,338425,169255,1501d 1h 48m5,820Armory 13
141,020,4791,275,570637,754382,7251d 6h 57m
8,730Armory 14
151,530,7191,913,261956,630574,0880d 0h 0s
13,110Armory 15
162,296,0792,869,8911,434,945861,1321d 20h 35m
19,680Armory 16
173,444,1194,304,8372,152,4181,291,6982d 14h 25m
29,550Armory 17
185,166,1796,457,2553,228,6261,937,5474d 3h 53m
44,310Armory 18
197,749,2699,685,8864,842,9482,906,3217d 11h 47m
66,480Armory 19
2011,623,90414,528,8297,264,4224,359,48213d 11h 37m
99,750Armory 20
2117,435,85621,793,24410,896,6336,539,22353d 22h 30m
149,610Armory 21