Mobius Final Fantasy 2 Star Card List

Mobius FF 2 Star Card List

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Here is the 2 star card list for Mobius FF.  The legend will explain what some of the stats and initials actually mean so you can read the graph better.


  • Skill – The ability of the card
  • Type – Type of card. Aug = Augment, Rang = Ranger, War = Warrior
  • Ele – Element of the card. Fi = Fire, Wa = Water, Wi = Wind, Ea = Earth, Sup = Support
  • Orbs – The number of orbs required to cast it
  • Range –  The range of attack. S = Single Target, C = Cone, A = Full area of effect
  • CD – Cooldown of the card.
  • Atk – Attack power of the card.
  • BP – Break power of the card.
  • Fire – Max fire skillseeds created
  • Water – Max water skillseeds created.
  • Wind – Max wind skillseeds created.
  • Earth – Max earth skillseeds created.
  • Light – Max light skillseeds created.
  • Dark – Max dark skillseeds created.
Fire LizardWarLesser Flame BurstFi6-A20813010-----
TreantlingRangLesser WinddanceWi6-A208130--10---
AdamantinyMageLesser BlizzagaWa6-A208130-10----
Red DragonWarLesser Flame CrossFi8-A4162346---4-
Fiery GemAug-------------
TreantRangLesser WindstrikeWi8-A416234--6--4
Verdant ClawAug-------------
AdamantoiseMageLesser BlizzajaWater8-A416234-6--4-
Adaman ShellAug-------------
Metal CactuarAug-------------
Gold CactuarAug-------------
Dust SoldierWarLesser Flame SwordFi5-S10-----
Dust RipperRangLesser WindfangWi5-S--10---
Dust MageMageLesser BlizzardWa5-S-10----
Grudge FighterWarLesser Flame BlastFi5-C10-----
Grudge RangerRangLesser WindwaveWi5-C--10---
Grudge ShamanMageLesser BlizzaraWa5-C-10---
Dust WarriorWarLesser Flame SwordFi5-S8---2-
Dust HunterRangLesser WindfangWi5-Si--8-2-
Dust SorcererMageLesser BlizzardWa5-S-8--2-
Grudge KnightWarLesser Flame BlastFi5-C8---2
Grudge AssassinRangLesser WIndwaveWi5-C--8--2
Grudge WizardMageLesser AeroraWi5-C--8--2
Fire WispAllLesser FlameshiftSup37S--10-----
Ice WispAllLesser IceshiftSup37Self---10----
Wind WispAllLesser WindshiftSup37Self----10---
Earth WispAllLesser EarthshiftSup37Self-----10--
Fire EssenceAllLesser FlameshiftSup37Self--64----
Ice EssenceAllLesser IceshiftSup37Self--46----
Wind EssenceAllLesser WindshiftSup37Self----64--
Earth EssenceAllLesser EarthshiftSup37Self----46--
MetalmiteWarLesser EarthburstEa6-A208130---10--
MantisRangLesser IcedanceWa6-A208130-10----
MindlasherMageLesser AerogaWi6-A208130--10---
GolemRangLesser EarthdanceEa6-A208130---6-4
Emet StoneRang-------------
DiremiteWarLesser Earth CrossEa8-A416234---6-4
Burning StingerAug-------------
Killer MantisRangLesser IcestrikeWa8-A416234-4--2-
Serrated ScytheAug-------------
MindflayerMageLesser AerojaWi8-A416234--6--4
Blighted FeelersAug-------------