Monster Super League Gem Guide [Beginners]

Gem Types and Locations

There are currently 11 types of gems available in the game. The difficulty also dictates which gem grade you can get.

  • Normal – 1★/2★
  • Hard – 2★/3★
  • Extreme – 3★/4★
Area Set Color Set Bonus Bonus Value
Phantom Forest Tenacity Pink HP +2500
Lunar Valley Fortitude Brown Defense +150
Aria Lake Ferocity Teal Attack +150
Mirage Ruins Healing L. Green Recovery +150
Pagos Coast Conviction Yellow Resist +20%
Seabed Caves Protection Orange Defense +20%
Magma Crags Life Red HP +20%
Star Sanctuary Vigor L. Blue Attack +20%
Golem Dungeon Vitality Green Recovery +25%
Golem Dungeon Intuition Purple Crit. Rate +20%
Golem Dungeon Ruin L. Brown Crit. Dmg +40%

Getting Gems

There are a few methods to obtain the gems. Aside from regular maps and the Golem Dungeon, you can also obtain good gems from the Shady Shop. For the Golem Dungeon, you can expect this to get higher grade games at B7 and up.

Level Grade Type
B1 2★ to 3★ Diamond
B2 2★ to 3★ Square
B3 2★ to 3★ Triangle
B4 3★ to 5★ Diamond
B5 3★ to 5★ Square
B6 3★ to 5★ Triangle
B7 4★ to 6★ Diamond
B8 4★ to 6★ Square
B9 4★ to 6★ Triangle
B10 4★ to 6★ All 3 Types

Upgrading Gems


Each time you upgrade a gem, the stats/percentage goes up. At certain intervals, you get bonus sub stats (random) added.

  • +3
  • +6
  • +9
  • +12

All 4 intervals will provide an additional bonus stat. If there is a substat already present while you upgrade at these intervals, it will boost a random substat.

Equip/Unequip Gems

Equipping a gem cost no gold at all. However, unequipping gems will cost gold. Also be sure to unequip gems you want to keep. Otherwise, it will be lost forever if you choose to replace it with a brand new gem.


  1. Cottonbox