Monster Super League Review [Summoners War Upgrade?]

With Summoners War being such a huge hit among mobile gamers, 4:33 has come out with a new game called Monster Super League. One of the key factors that this game has is that you can capture “Astromon”, which is their name for monsters. We will go over key factors why you should try this game.



I personally think the graphics are smooth and visually nice to look at. The attack skills have some cool animations and it isn’t too long or annoying to watch unlike some other games. The artwork looks very kid like and I believe it is designed to attract kids 14 to 21. That doesn’t mean you won’t like it if you are past that age group though!

Battle Mechanics

Now the battle is very easy. Your characters have hp and mp. The red bar indicates your health and the blue bar indicates your special skill bar. Everytime you attack an enemy, you can gain blue spheres that will increase your astromon’s special skill bar. Once it is filled, you can attack using your special skill. You also gain red spheres when an enemy dies. It will replenish a small amount of your astromon’s health.

There are also some debuff/buff effects depending on your astromon’s skill. They can also have leader skills that can give you a slight advantage in battle. For example, Miho’s leader skill increases all allies resistance by 15%, but you need to ascend it.

The auto battle function is also handy as people do enjoy training their monsters without having to grind it out. It also allows you to play while at work, which is awesome for people that have day jobs. 🙂



Each astromon can be evolved. There are 3 stages. For example, evolving Miho will turn her into a waifu at 5 stars. To evolve them to the next version, you need to feed 3 of the same units to it. The good thing is Miho is farmable in regular dungeons. She appears as a rare monster in chapter 1.

Capturing Monsters

This is the unique part of the game that makes it quite rewarding to play. You get to capture these astromons just like pokemon. You have 3 astrochips (pokeball) you can use per battle to capture them. The success rate of catching them seems to vary on monster rarity. The higher the rarity, the lower the capture chance. However, if you fail to capture it the first time, the odds of you succeeding increases.

You also get new astromons once you have capture an entire region’s astromon. You got to catch them all!


Now each of these astromons can be ascended or customized by equipping gems. Gems are bonus stats that your astromon get when you equip them. There are gems that give bonus health, critical rate or attack. For example, the gem of tenacity gives bonus 2500 health if you equip 3 of them to an astromon.

That opens up a new way of making your astromons stronger and also allow you to fight tougher dungeons such as the special dungeons such as the Starstone dungeon.


If you enjoy Summoners War, you definitely want to try this game out!