Mu Origin Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Daily Events

Next up is the Daily event, also found in the dungeon menu. This has a similar lay out to the experience dungeon. It’s an instanced area, but it’s a lot quicker than the exp dungeon. Here you’ll get a decent chunk of experience, and you’ll have the chance to get loot rewards at the end of the mission.

MU Origin event

Check the task menu. This is a general area where it can direct you to available missions that will reward you exp. You’ll find stuff like the exp dungeon in there, and things like daily quest you can run for exp. This is a great place to look if you’re trying to scrounge up any exp you can and you can’t get it from farming mobs.

Colosseum and Exchange

Go to the Event menu and you will find the Colosseum. In the Colosseum you will gain 8x the Experience and potential rewards for 30 minutes a day. Go into the Colosseum and hit the auto play button and let your character grind through the mobs for 30 minutes then come back to the game. Make sure you clear out your inventory so you can auto loot as well. Set your HP potions to 80% healing just in case.

Depending on your VIP rating you can go to the Exchange menu when you’re in a safe zone. Here you can exchange Zen or Diamonds for Exp or Star Essence. The exchange is alright but I don’t use it often. It’s completely up to you and how much resources you have to spare.

Zen farming

One of the best ways to farm zen besides selling your gold ingots and items is to go through the Zen Dungeon. Found from the dungeon menu, the Zen dungeon is a great place to farm as you gain levels. Buffs can be useful here when you reach the tougher portions of the dungeon.

MU Origin gold The Zen dungeon gives you a large amount of Zen per kill. So the stronger and faster your character, the better of a farming experience you will have. You can easily reach up to a couple million Zen from this dungeon.

General Tips and Tricks

  • In Lorencia, there will be a statue of the PVP King. Once a day you can praise this statue and it will give you experience, so definitely make sure you hit this up if you’re near by.
  • Use the Zen and Reward boost carefully, later on it can start costing you a lot of money but early on it’s pretty great for leveling.
  • Purchase the maximum number of Gold Ingots from the Shop using Diamond (Bound or unbound) and sell them for Zen. This is a great way to get a large amount of Zen in a short amount of time. Once a day limit.
  • Collect your Free epic chest each day. The Loot is random, disassemble anything not for your class for gems.
  • Sweep the Endless Tower each day. There is a high potential of Zen to be earned from doing this.
  • Don’t waste Bound Dimaonds on Epic Chest tickets because of how random its loot is.
  • Do consider using Bound diamonds on Condor’s Flame to boost your Wings or Seals of Ascension for exp boost.
  • Always upgrade your Wings, they provide great stats and shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • Don’t waste your resources refining items during your first few Rebirths, you change gear quick in the early game.
  • Go to low graphic settings if your device is weak, there are a lot of characters and mobs that need to be rendered and can clog up your system.
  • Tap the Sword next to auto battle to change the auto settings