Amazing Naruto Tattoo Designs and Ideas [Men + Women]

Long time fans of Naruto will always consider having a Naruto tattoo in memory of your childhood or maybe just for the pure love of the anime. Here are some amazing Naruto Shippuden tattoo designs and ideas that are cool!

Beautiful Naruto Tattoo Ideas

Kyuubi Seal

Naruto Tattoo 1Source: KeiKeiAi

ANBU Corps

Naruto Tattoo 2

Source: I-grab-butts

While ANBU Corp doesn’t always have the best reputation, their “persona” sure is cool.

The Kyuubi Himself

Naruto Tattoo 3

Source: Anubic90

Pain/Pein(Nagato) on Legs

Naruto Tattoo 4

Source: TristanKamelot

Source: tumblr

Pain is a memorable character in shippuden and it is no wonder it has left a lot of people remembering as a badass villian.


Naruto Tattoo 5

Source: DearestSamantha

Sasuke x Sakura Forever

Naruto Tattoo 6

Source: sasusaku4ever09

Temari and Konoha Symbol

Naruto Tattoo 7

Source: Temari-ore-no-yume


Naruto Tattoo 8

Source: black-3G-raven

Source: tumblr


Source: tumblr