[Paradise Bay] Arr’Bucks


The Arr’Bucks is the 6th building available in the game. As you progress later on, you can start building more than 1. You can make the following items here:

  1. Espresso
  2. Vanilla Latte
  3. Iced Coffee

Item Requirements

Name Crops Required Time Level Required
Espresso 2 Coffees 5 mins
Vanilla Latte 2 Coffees + 1 Vanilla + 1 Coconut Milk 10 mins
Iced Coffee 23


Espresso requires 2 coffee crops to make. This is also a hot selling item on Wesley Exports. Sell them at max price whenever you have left overs.

Vanilla Latte is a lot harder to get due to the need of coconut milk. To get the coconut milk, you need to grow a coconut tree which takes 6 hours and then make one in the Tiki Bar for 20 minutes. I suggest you keep them for Trade Post requests and Dock trading.

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