[Paradise Bay] Island Workshop

Island Workshop

The Island Workshop is the first item building available at the beginning of the game. As you progress later on, you can start building more than 1 Island Workshop. You can make the following items here:

  1. Fishing Net – Used to catch fishes, shrimps and crabs by giving them to your pet turtle in the river.
  2. Backpack – Used to make iron ores and silver ores by giving them to your pet mole.
  3. Basket – Used to collect sea glasses and seashells by giving them to your pet otter.
  4. Bucket – Unlocks at level 32.

Item Requirements

Name Crops Required Time Level Required
Fishing Net 2 Cottons 2 mins 1
Backpack 2 Cottons + 2 Bamboos 3 mins
Basket 2 Bamboos 5 mins


Always have excess fishing nets as you will be needing it a lot of times to get shrimps, crabs and fishes. The fishes can then be turned to grilled fish and the shrimps can be turned into grilled shrimps in the Grill building.

Backpacks will become useful to collect iron ore, which can be turned into needles, nails and cutlery in the Blacksmith Building.

Fishing nets are also great sellers in Wesley’s Exports, which is the trading port that allows you to sell your items to other players in Paradise Bay. I have no problem selling them at max value at 28 coins per fish and earn good coins there.

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