[Paradise Bay] Trade Post

Trade Post

The Trade Post allows you to exchange your goods or crops for coins and experience. The NPC characters will request trades when you talk to them.

By trading in the Trade Post, you can also increase the relationship with the character you just successfully made a trade with. Therefore, trading often here is essential to unlock special items or goods that can only be made or gotten via a high relationship level with a character.

Trade Post Tips

Trade Post NPC Trading

  1. Pick the trades that only requires 2 or at most 3 items. They are usually easier to make and complete.
  2. You can delete trades by clicking on the trash can icon on the left side of the trade icon.
  3. Deleting a trade request will allow new ones to show up at the expense of 15 minutes wait time
  4. You can nit pick and get only good trade requests by deleting the ones that have hard materials you can’t make
  5. Deleting trade requests will also allow you improve the relationships of certain NPC characters if you want to raise their relationship level to 7 or 8 quickly to have access to the special items. Those are unlocked when you get their relationship level to 7 or 8. For example, if you want to get Keani to relationship level 7 quickly, just keep deleting trade requests from other characters and only keep Keani’s requests. This allows you to improve her relationship level quickly and eventually unlock her special Golden Nosed Monkey from the Bazaar, which requires 6 Jade Flowers and 3 Sapphire Flowers.
  6. The max number of trade requests is 6.
  7. Focusing on the Trade Post is also great in the beginning from level 1 to 12. It is your main source of income until you can start selling your items on Wesley’s Export. Even that will be slow, so just trade with NPC characters and sell off remaining unused items to Wesley’s Export.

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