Pokken Tournament Charizard Character Moveset Guide [Wii U]

Pokken Tournament Charizard

Charizard is a pokemon that can fly in the air and avoid getting grabbed while in high stance in duel phase. He has a diverse set of moves.

Style: Power

Hit Points: 600

Costumes: Standard and Grey

NameMove TypeUseable PhaseButton CombinationAdditional NotesDamageAttack Type
Searing BlazeNormalAllL + R during Synergy BurstCan pierce counter attacks and be activated in mid air241Burst Damage
FlamethrowerNormalAllANo special features69Pokémon Moves
Fire PunchCounterAllForward + ACan switch to Flying Stance with R100Pokémon Moves
Fire Punch ~ Flying StanceCounterAllForward + Hold ANo special features100Pokémon Moves
InfernoNormalAllBackwards + ACan switch to Flying Stance with R96Pokémon Moves
Flare Blitz: FallNormalAllMidair ADamages yourself161Pokémon Moves
Flare Blitz: DirectNormalFieldMidair, Forwards + ADamages yourself130Pokémon Moves
Flare Blitz: DirectNormalDuelMidair, Up + ADamages yourself130Pokémon Moves
Seismic TossGrabDuelUp + AGrabs opponents on ground and in Midair160Pokémon Moves
Grab AttackGrabAllY + BNo special features100Standard Moves
Counter AttackCounterAllX + ACan be cancelled with D-Pad + R73Standard Moves
Counter Attack: ChargeCounterAllX + ACan pierce counter attacks.100Standard Moves
GlideDamagelessAllMidair + RCauses you to jump in the air. Hold R to increase fall speed0Standard Moves
Ranged AttackNormalFieldYNo special features39Standard Moves
Ranged Attack: ChargeNormalFieldHold YNo special features57Standard Moves
Link up with Ranged AttacksNormalFieldY, YNo special features79Standard Moves
Side Ranged AttackNormalFieldSide + Y, YNo special features70Standard Moves
Link up with Side Ranged AttacksNormalFieldSide + Y, Y, YNo special features118Standard Moves
Forward Ranged AttackNormalFieldForward + YShifts Phases80Standard Moves
Backward Ranged AttackCounterFieldBackward + YWorks against airborne opponents90Standard Moves
Backward Ranged Attack: ChargeCounterFieldBackwards + Hold YNo special features100Standard Moves
Jumping Ranged AttackNormalFieldMidair YChange trajectory with the D-Pad40Standard Moves
Jumping Ranged Attack: ChargeNormalFieldMidair Hold YChange trajectory with the D-Pad70Standard Moves
Homing AttackNormalFieldX, XCan be cancelled with R or B126Standard Moves
Homing Attack, Flying StanceNormalFieldHold XNo special features56Standard Moves
Homing Attack: ChargeNormalFieldX, Hold XPierces counter attacks and breaks the guard232Standard Moves
Jumping AttackNormalFieldMidair XBackwards + X to attack immediately. Allows for gliding with R. Shifts Phases90Standard Moves
Jumping Attack: ChargeNormalFieldMidair X HoldPierces counter attacks. Allows for gliding with R120Standard Moves
Poké Combo 1NormalDuelY, Y, YNo special features154Standard Moves
Weak AttackNormalDuelY, YCan be cancelled by jumping or using Pokémon Moves84Standard Moves
Forward Weak AttackNormalDuelForward + YKnocks down opponent80Standard Moves
High Stance Weak AttackNormalDuelUp + YTransition into midair Attacks18Standard Moves
Low Weak AttackNormalDuelDown + YNo special features40Standard Moves
Poké Combo 2NormalDuelMidair Y, YNo special features140Standard Moves
Midair Weak AttackNormalDuelMidair YCan be cancelled by using a Pokémon Move20Standard Moves
Midair Forward Weak AttackNormalDuelMidair Forward + Y, YNo special features97Standard Moves
Strong AttackNormalDuelXNo special features130Standard Moves
Forward Strong AttackNormalDuelForward + X, XNo special features164Standard Moves
Forward Strong Attack ~ Flying StanceNormalDuelForward + Hold XNo special features60Standard Moves
High Stance Strong AttackNormalDuelUp + XEffective against Grab Attacks120Standard Moves
Poké Combo 3NormalDuelDown + X, XNo special features111Standard Moves
Low Strong AttackNormalDuelDown + XCan be cancelled by jumping or using Pokémon Moves60Standard Moves
Midair Strong AttackNormalDuelMidair XBackwards + X to attack immediately. Allows for gliding with R.80Standard Moves
Midair Strong Attack: ChargeNormalDuelMidair Hold XPierces Counter Attacks, transition to glide with R120Standard Moves
Flying StanceDamagelessAllForward + A or RCan move with the D-Pad. Cancelled with R0Flying-Stance Only
Air SlashNormalAllYNo special features68Flying-Stance Only
Dragon ClawNormalAllXNo special features120Flying-Stance Only
Flare Blitz: DirectNormalAllADamages yourself120Flying-Stance Only
Flare Blitz: BoostNormalFieldForward + ADamages yourself162Flying-Stance Only
Flare Blitz: BoostNormalDuelUp + ADamages yourself162Flying-Stance Only

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