Pokken Tournament Pikachu Moveset Guide

Pokken Tournament Pikachu

Pikachu is your classic pokemon of tremendous electric power. In High-Stance in Duel Phase, Pikachu will gradually regenerate its Synergy Gauge. In Low-Stance in Duel Phase, Pikachu will restore its Guard Shield back to normal.

Style: Standard

Hit Points: 570

Costumes: Yellow and Yellow/Blue

NameMove TypeUseable PhaseButton CombinationAdditional NotesDamageAttack Type
Volt Shock FistNormalAllL + R during Synergy BurstPierces Counter Attacks187Burst Attack
ThunderboltNormalAllANo special features52Pokémon Moves
Thunderbolt: ChargeNormalAllHold ANo special features83Pokémon Moves
NuzzleGrabAllForward + AOvercomes Blocks83Pokémon Moves
Electro BallNormalAllBackward + AWorks against airborne opponents47Pokémon Moves
ThunderNormalAllMidair ACan be cancelled with R, Control trajectory with the D-Pad103Pokémon Moves
Volt TackleCounterDuelUp + ANo special features69Pokémon Moves
Volt Tackle Synergy Burst Follow-UpCounterDuelDuring Synergy Burst Up + A, ANo special features140Pokémon Moves
Iron TailNormalDuelDown + AMajor damage93Pokémon Moves
ThunderNormalDuelMidair A during Psynergy BurstCan be cancelled with R, Control trajectory with the D-Pad140Pokémon Moves
Grab AttackGrabAllY + BNo special features83Standard Moves
Counter AttackCounterAllX + ACan be cancelled with D-Pad + RStandard Moves
Counter Attack: ChargeCounterAllX + ACan pierce counter attacks.83Standard Moves
Charge Weak AttackNormalAllCharge and then release YDoes more damage depending on how long the button is held124Standard Moves
Ranged AttackNormalFieldY, Y, YNo special features33Standard Moves
Link up with Ranged AttacksNormalFieldY, Y, Y, YNo special features93Standard Moves
Side Ranged AttackNormalFieldSide + YUse to stop opponent33Standard Moves
Link up with Side Ranged AttacksNormalFieldSide + Y, YNo special features84Standard Moves
Forward Ranged AttackNormalFieldForward + YShifts Phases84Standard Moves
Backward Ranged AttackNormalFieldBackward + YNo special features56Standard Moves
Jumping Ranged AttackNormalFieldMidair YNo special features21Standard Moves
Homing AttackNormalFieldX, X, XCan be cancelled with R or B63Standard Moves
Homing Attack: ChargeNormalFieldX, Hold XPierces counter attacks and breaks the guard93Standard Moves
Jumping AttackCounterFieldMidair XShifts Phases93Standard Moves
Poké Combo 1NormalDuelY, Y, Y, YNo special features122Standard Moves
Weak AttackNormalDuelY, Y, YCan be cancelled with a Pokémon move65Standard Moves
Weak Attack ~ Strong Attack Follow UpNormalDuelY, X or Y, Y, X or Y, Y, Y, XCareful timed press of X powers up93 BaseStandard Moves
Forward Weak AttackNormalDuelForward + YPress D-Pad and Y together to power up62Standard Moves
High StanceNormalDuelUp + YTransition into midair attacks. Pushes opponents back42Standard Moves
Poké Combo 2NormalDuelDown + Y, YNo special features86Standard Moves
Low Stance Weak AttackNormalDuelDown + YCan be cancelled with a Pokémon move11Standard Moves
Midair Weak AttackNormalDuelMidair YNo special features31Standard Moves
Poké Combo 3NormalDuelX, XNo special features120Standard Moves
Strong AttackNormalDuelXCan be cancelled with a Pokémon move83Standard Moves
High Stance Strong AttackNormalDuelUp + XMakes opening for more attacks62Standard Moves
Low Stance Strong AttackNormalDuelDown + XNo special features94Standard Moves
Midair Strong AttackNormalDuelMidair XCan change trajectory by pressing forwards or backwards80Standard Moves

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