Pokken Tournament Tier List Guide [Attacker and Support]

Pokken Tournament Tier List - Attacker and Support

Pokken Tournament is one of the top Pokemon games for the Wii console. Since its release on March 18th 2016, it has received positive feedback from the community. Let’s take a look at the best Pokemons in the roster and rate them according to some player’s experience with them.

Tier Explanation

  • S – Top tier characters to use and very little counter play
  • A – Good characters and useful against most teams
  • B – Decent characters and is usable for most fights
  • C – Quite weak compared to the others

Attacker Tier List

CharizardPower Pokken Tournament600BeginningB
PikachuStandard Pokken Tournament570BeginningS
Pikachu LibreSpeed Pokken Tournament570BeginningA
MachampPower Pokken Tournament660BeginningC
GengarTechnique Pokken Tournament510BeginningB
MewtwoStandard Pokken Tournament630Complete Red League & Defeat Shadow MewtwoA
Shadow MewtwoTechnique Pokken Tournament480Complete Chroma LeagueS
SuicuneStandard Pokken Tournament630BeginningC
SceptileSpeed Pokken Tournament570BeginningA
BlazikenStandard Pokken Tournament600BeginningA
GardevoirTechnique Pokken Tournament540BeginningS
GarchompPower Pokken Tournament660BeginningB
LucarioStandard Pokken Tournament600BeginningA
WeavileSpeed Pokken Tournament540BeginningA
ChandelurePower Pokken Tournament510BeginningA
BraixenStandard Pokken Tournament540BeginningS

Support Tier List

Pokemon PairAttacksAttack StyleUnlockTier
Emolga & FennekinShock Wave & EmberAttack & DisruptBeginningS
Snivy & LaprasLeaf Tornado & SurfAttack & AtackBeginningB
Frogadier & EeveeWater Pulse & Helping HandAttack & EnhanceBeginningS
Cubone & DiglettBonemerang & DigAttack & AttackDefeat Travis in the Green LeagueA
Jirachi & WhimsicottWish & SubstituteEnhance & EnhanceDefeat Travis in the Green LeagueB
Croagunk & SylveonToxic & ReflectDisrupt & EnhanceDefeat Travis in the Green LeagueA
Pachirisu & MagikarpFollow Me & BounceDisrupt & DisruptDefeat Keith in the Blue LeagueC
Mismagius & NinetalesOminous Wind & Will-O-WispAttack & DisruptDefeat Keith in the Blue LeagueB
Rotom & TogekissThunder Shock & TailwindDisrupt & EnhanceDefeat Keith in the Blue LeagueB
Farfetch'd & ElectrodeFury Cutter & ExplosionAttack & DisruptDefeat Elinn in the Red LeagueC
Dragonite & VictiniDraco Meteor & V-createAttack & EnhanceDefeat Elinn in the Red LeagueA
Espeon & UmbreonMorning Sun & SnarlEnhance & DisruptDefeat the Top 8 - Green LeagueB
Reshiram & CresseliaBlue Flare & Lunar DanceAttack & EnhanceDefeat the Top 8 - Blue LeagueS
Magneton & QuagsireTri Attack & Mud BombAttack & AttackDefeat the Top 8 - Red LeagueA
Yveltal & LatiosOblivion Wing & Luster PurgeAttack & DisruptDefeat the Top 8 - Chroma LeagueS

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