Rogar Stonecrusher [Dungeon Boss Hero]

Rogar Stonecrusher is the very first hero you get from Dungeon Boss. He is a melee fighter with a barbaric looking style. He starts off at 1 star and he can be ascend to become a more powerful version with new skills.

Rogar Stonecrusher

Not one to sweat the details. Especially when those details can be smashed into bits by a might hammer!

Base Grade: ★

How To Get: Great Summons and Dungeon Tokens

Strengths and Weaknesses: +30% Bonus vs Nature and -25% Bonus vs Water

Pros Cons
Takes reduced damage from physical attacks Vulnerable to water attacks
Never misses and is useful vs flying units Vulnerable to magical attacks
Team attack buff and AoE first skill

The skills below aside from whirlwind can only be gotten after ascending.

Skill Name Type Cooldown Skill Description
Swing Basic Attack None A basic Melee Physical attack doing [49.5% ATK] base damage.
Whirlwind Special 6 Melee Physical attack on all enemies for [72.5% ATK] base damage.
Skull Cracker Special 3 Melee Physical attack on an enemy [2 + 1 at Lvl 20]x for [40% ATK] base damage.
Rage Strike Special 8 Buff Team ATK +[35 + x /Lvl]% and Melee Physical attack an enemy for [x% ATK] base damage.
Perfect Swing Trait Passive Never misses nor can enemies Dodge attacks.
Armored Trait Passive Take less damage from Physical attacks.


1st: Fire Evo Larva x5, Fire Evo x2,  Light Evo Larva x2

Token Locations

Region Dungeon
2 Molten Burrows
4 Mercenary Fortress
8 Blazing Farmlands
11 Defile Sanctuary
15 Smoldering Trail
18 Creon’s Arena
21 Corrupted Caverns