Seven Knights Farming Guide [Leveling, Ruby, Gold and Topaz]

Viable Farming Characters


With 2 AoE attacks, this character is my favorite character to farm normal mode 1-1 and 1-2. He can carry 4 fodders by himself and get them to level 30 with 9 keys. He is also very viable in the Arena with his 3 target AoE piercing attack. I would choose him or Sera as your first 6 star magic selector.


Like Yushin, Sera can hard carry 4 fodders. Also a great arena character.

Other good ones are:

Ming Ming




Lu Bu


There are more, but just pick either Sera or Yushin as first choice.

Viable Farming Spots and Tips

  • Upgrade Defensive Formation (1Back/4Front) at lvl40 its +100% Atk Back. You should be fine  with lvl 20 and around +50%Atk.
  • Place you’re main farmer in back, second farmer in front, and 3 fodder units to bring to lvl 30   (You get 5 rubies the first time a hero hits 30 & 2 rubies each time after)
  • Aim to be able to farm 7-1 Hard Mode.
  • If you cant farm 7-1 yet try 1-1, 1-5, 3-1, 3-4. If you cant farm hard yet farm Normal mode until you’re able to farm 1-1. 1-10 is also great for farming. While knocking out the normal enemy quests you also knock out the boss quest as well.
  • It takes 8 keys to lvl a hero to 30. So 3 fodders = 6 rubies per level 30 run. 4 fodders = 8 rubies per level 30 run.

Also, while you are farming, you are also doing the following:

  • Kill X normal Monsters -> Get X Ruby
  • Kill X Boss Monster -> Get X Ruby(You won´t get this when you do 7-1!! More later on that)
  • Recruit X heroes -> Get X Ruby
  • Train 30 heroes to lvl 30 -> Get 200 Honor
  • Get X Items -> Get X Ruby
  • Get X Gold -> Get X Gold
  • Summon X heroes -> Get X Gold

Key Takeaway:

  • If you lack of GOLD, go for 7-1 with 1 DD, 1 Taunt and 3 Fodders,
  • If you want to farm Ruby hard, go for 1-10 with 1 DD and 4 Fodders.

Gold Farming

If you want gold, you can repeat farm Celestial Tower for gold by doing the highest floor. Otherwise, stick with 7-1 normal/hard.



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