8 Anime Like Ajin: Demi-Human [Recommendations]

Well, kids gather around, it’s time for your grandpa to tell you about the story of the good old days of anime. Back in my day, anime didn’t have the girl’s big chesticles, or people playing children card games with motorcycles. Now it’s easy for you whippersnappers to get all kinds of anime.

We had to watch it on the Sci-Fi channel or rent it at Blockbusters. We did it, we liked it. But thank the makers that it’s easy to find some good shows that remind me of the olden days.

Shows like Ajin.

Kei Nagai is your regular high school student, who knows very little of Ajin. They have been mentioned in class before but Kei barely paid any attention to it. Although now he’ll understand everything about them, after he survived an accident and is now being proclaimed as an Ajin.

This show is just superb. Blood, violence, and horror elements, it takes me back to the good days. And I want to take you back to those days as well.

This list will be a mix of the old and new of anime. So here it is 8 Anime Like Ajin: Demi-Human.



World peace is about to be shattered as a group discovers a destructive weapon known as Genocyber. A. combination of cybernetics and psychic potential. Will they be able to contain its power or suffer its wrath?

Ultra violent, gory, and one heck of a bloody time. If you have the stomach for it then watch this classic of classics.

 Baoh the Visitor (Baoh Raihousha)


Doress, an evil organization, has taken control of an innocent man named Ikuroo, with a parasite that can make anyone immortal and transform them into monsters. They are using him for their selfish reasons but their plans are put on hold when a young psychic girl frees Ikuroo of their control and they escape. But that doesn’t mean their in the clear, just yet.

Melting faces off and monster eating people, this is my childhood in a nutshell. If you want to check out what cult classic looks like then check this awesome show for yourself.



Utsutsu and Yume Hasegawa have been abandoned by their abusive parents. They saw red butterflies and are following them into their world. What they don’t realize is that they been affected by a virus called Pupa, which shall turn them into cannibalistic monsters.

This is one heck of a bloody series. It’s both beautiful and haunting. I say give it a chance if you can handle it.



An epidemic has struck the village of Sotoba. A doctor by the name of Toshio Ozaki  has ruled that it’s not a disease but something far more terrifying.  It’s up to him and a young man to stop this matter or it will consume the whole world. If you hate Twilight, you would love this. It brings you back to the times where vampires were mysterious, scary, and considered “monsters”.

Shinreigari: Ghost Hound


And the horror keeps on coming.

Three boys are about to cross over to a parallel world that is almost exactly like theirs. However, it’s a world full of ghosts and it seems that their crossing into the boy’s world.

Another great series with an enjoyable plot, nice art, and wonderful mysterious characters. Watch this series if you want more of a  psychological series.

The Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)


Now for something strange and absolutely crazy.

Yukiteru Amano is a lonely high school student, who writes in his cell phone diary and talks to two of his imaginary friends. He finds out that his imaginary friends are real and has been handed a diary he must keep safe. And kill off 11 others to become the new god of time and space.

This is a great well-written series with a great murder mystery. A definite must watch.

3×3 Eyes


Something from my childhood that I watch almost every single day.

This series is about Yakumo Fuuji who must protect a young girl, who is the last of her race. After he gets killed, the girl brings Yakumo back to life and makes him immortal. They go through a series of strange events in order to survive.

This is a really fun series, with some cool action and has humor in it.



Here it is, the granddaddy of anime movies.

The year is 2019, Neo-Tokyo has been flooded with gang activity. During a gang fight, one of them gets into an accident with a strange kid. However, finding out that kid isn’t normal, the gang develops some psychic powers.

Now, Neo-Tokyo is about to be brought onto its knees.

I can certainly call this, the Citizen Kane of anime movies. This is one of the best movies, that I can say that I absolutely love. You have to watch this movie if you already haven’t.