8 Anime Like Dimension W [Recommendations]

In the year 2071, the world has found a new alternative power source from the fourth dimension, which is called Dimension W. The way to harness this power is through a device called “coils.” The New Tesla Energy corporation has monopolized coils. Now, Kyouma Mabuchi is on the hunt for any illegal coils but what started as a mission for money has turned into something bigger than he ever imagined.

Great action, storytelling, world building, characterization, art, just everything about this show is great. A must see for those who are into sci-fi. And the best part about it is that it’s on its way to Toonami, so you can catch it.

But let’s say you can’t exactly find a way to watch it or you already have seen it, and you want to watch a show that is similar to it. It can have romance, drama, or maybe it doesn’t have any sci-fi elements at all. Well, your wish has been granted with 8 Anime Like Dimension W.


no. 6

So let us begin this list, with a very serious anime.

Shion, a young boy who’s an elite resident, encounters Nezumi, a mysterious fugitive from the wastelands. After taking in Nezumi, Shion starts to see the darker side of his beloved city of No. 6, in the way he has been treated by people who run it. After a long time, Nezumi and Shion meet again, which this time they will uncover the dirty secrets of the city No. 6.

It is unlike most series you will come across and it is a unique show that is different from all the mainstream animes out there right now.

Gunnm (Battle Angel Alita)


We are going into some old school anime territory, up in this mother.

In the postapocalyptic land known as “Scrapyard,” Doc Ido finds a female cyborg in a junk heap that has somehow been preserved. He rebuilds and brought it back to life, of which she is now known as “Gally.” Gally must fight and kill in order to survive in this cruel world.

This is a very short show but it is worth it. Give it a watch whenever you can.

Solty Rei


Roy Revant is a bounty hunter and a gun-for-hire. He takes on people who have illegal cybernetic body parts. He encounters and adopts as his own Solty, an android with superhuman strength but doesn’t have any memories of her past. With them, alongside with a few more people, they take on a giant conglomerate and find the truth of what they have been hiding to everyone in the world.

This is one heck of a ride, just downright flawless to watch.

Plastic Memories

Plastic Memories

After failing his college entrance exams, Tsukasa Mizugaki is doing whatever to land himself a job. He is hired by Sion Artificial Intelligence Corporation. His job is to collect “Giftias,”highly advanced androids, who have reached their expiration date and must be shut down before they become hostile. It is there that he meets the beautiful Giftia named Isla and falls in love with her.

This series will leave you crying and questioning everything about your existence. Bottomline, a must watch.

Kekkai Sensen (Blood Blockade Battlefront)

Blood Blockade Battlefront

This is one awesome show where superpower people and monsters can live together.

After trying to live a normal life, Leonardo Watch must seek the answers of the mysterious powers he has received. He goes to Hellsalem’s Lot, a city full of all kinds of strange monsters from another dimension, living among each other. During his search, Leo runs into a secret organization and now his problems are about to become something he can’t even handle.

This is a mixture of  Deadman Wonderland, Kill la Kill, Blue Exorcist, and Hunter x Hunter, all in one big pot of awesome.



Now for a very colorful anime.

Six individuals have become the new lab rats for the Kizuna System. They all have to work together and try not to get one of themselves hurt because if one member is injured then the rest will feel the same amount of pain. Can they become a unit of one or fall like a stack of dominoes?

So this anime has two camps, either you hate it or love it and I’m in the camp of loving this series. The visuals are something that I don’t see often in anime, both in terms of colors and style, the character development was superb, and overall it’s a great show.

Speed Grapher


Saiga who used to be a war photographer is now working for Hibara Ginza in the capitalist state of Tokyo. While trying to collect some information about the Roppongi Club, he got himself in the middle of some ritual with a girl named Kagura. Saiga saves Kagura but in doing so, awakens some kind of power within Saiga.

Saiga must unravel the mystery behind the Roppongi Club and Kagura herself.

This is a dark anime, with lots of violence, blood, and sex. So a fair warning for the faint of heart but for the rest of you freaks out there, this is one bloody great series.

Giant Robo the Animation: The Day the Earth Stood Still


As humanity finally has peace and prosperity, Big Fire wants to destroy it with world domination. The international police have dispatched a collection of superpowered warriors and martial artists to take on Big Fire. And helping them out is  Daisaku Kusama with his powerful robot known as Giant Robo.

This show is a masterpiece, with its retro look and the over-the-top action.