8 Anime Like GARO THE ANIMATION [Garo: Honoo no Kokuin] [Recommendations]

Action and adventure, the best kind of genre for when you are watching anime. Not to dismiss any of the other genres but I just have a bit of bias when it comes to the more action genre. Sometimes you need a character to put a sword into someone’s face and slice everyone else into little pieces.

Or maybe I need go to a therapist but that’s beside the point. The point is you need a good action anime to get your blood pumping for the excitement that’s about to happen. Such as with this awesome anime GARO THE ANIMATION.

Many years ago in the kingdom of Valiante, the Makai Knights used to defend its kingdom from all sorts of evil but until the king, who has been overcome by fear, launches an all-out attack on the Makai Knights and anyone who was Makai blood in them shall be hunted down. Now, the last two remaining Makai, father, and son have been hiding until they have been recalled to take action once more to fight for their kingdom.

This show was a huge surprise. It might not be for everyone but for it was a lot of fun. There is more action and adventure shows out there that we’re going to explore in this journey.

Here it is 8 Anime Like GARO THE ANIMATION [Garo: Honoo no Kokuin].

Rage of Bahamut: Genesis (Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis)

Anime Like Rage of Bahamut

We shall begin our adventure with a series I haven’t seen in ages.

A bounty hunter by the name of Favaro Leone is a laid-back person and has a self-serving lifestyle, which he’s on the run from another bounty hunter named Kaisar Lidfard, a man who swears vengeance on Favaro who have done him wrong. But it seems that Favaro carefree life is about to be cut short when he meets a mysterious woman, where he’s about  become the most unlikely hero the world will ever know.

It’s a good series that I really do recommend for people to watch since I have written about it in the past.



This show puts the wow in wow factor.

The world of the humans and demons are overlapping with each other, so as humans are walking not noticing the demons hidden from them. The only ones that try to protect the human world the are a young woman named Yurine and her servant the Karas but the old Karas turns his back on them and creates an army of  mechanized demons to attack the world of humans. Now, a man named Otoha has now stepped up to become the Karas and protect the world.

Words just can’t describe how great this show is. The animation is gorgeous, the story is really good, and the action is mind blowing. You have to watch this awesome anime as soon as you can.



After spending three years training with General Cross, Allen Walker has arrived at the Black Order. It’s an organization that fights the Millennium Earl, who’s purpose is to get souls and trapped them inside of mechanical weapons called Akuma. Join Allen as he becomes an exorcist and put a stop to the Millennium Earl, once and for all.

I’ve mentioned this series once before, so I’m telling you this is a really good show to watch.

The Skull Man

the skull man

In the city of Otomo, where both justice and freedom have been declining for who knows when and a killer, who is called Skull Man, is causing mayhem throughout the city. Journalist Minagami Hayato and photographer Kiriko Mamiya are investigating the slayings of the Skull Man but they may have gotten in over their heads with this story.

This has some elements of  V for Vendetta but it has enough to be its own original series. Simply put, it’s an excellent series to watch.



During the Edo period of Japan, Shichika Yasuri is a swordsman with a unique fighting style, where he uses his own body as a sword. A wildly ambitious strategist named Togame wants Shichika to help her collect twelve swords for the shogunate, at which Shichika accepts. Although he will take on incredibly strong sword wielders, in order to get the swords that Togame needs.

This is a definitely worth the watch. A great series with a unique art style I’ve ever seen.

Ushio and Tora (Ushio to Tora)

Anime Like Ushio to Tora

While doing chores that led him to the basement of his father temple, Ushio Aotsuki finds a monster known as a youkai which is impaled by a spear. The monster’s name is Tora and he wishes to be free but Ushio declines his request. But it may seem that Ushio may need Tora help, as other youkai outbreak and start to rampage throughout the city.

It’s one of those animes that it has a bit of a slow start but once it starts moving, it never stops.



Another show that I’ve praised head over heels before.

After having lost everything to a Yoma attack, Raki joins Clare, a Claymore who is half human and half Yoma. They go on adventures where they show deeper qualities, powers, and Clare fulfilling her childhood.

If you haven’t seen this show by now, you should. You won’t be disappointed.



An anime that I am all too familiar with.

From the day he was born out of his dead mother’s body, Guts is the ultimate survivor and has become the greatest mercenary that has ever lived in the battlefield. Follow Guts, through his childhood and becoming a man, as he slays many of his enemies with his sword.

It’s a great classic anime that you need to see it. Bloody and gory, it’s one of the finest in its genre.