8 Anime Like Hyperdimension Neptunia [Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation] [Recommendations]

What is the one thing I always enjoy bringing up the most when doing these list? Girl Power my dear friends, Girl Power. It is no secret that I do enjoy girls kicking butt from time to time or just having a good story about them.

Shows such as Hyperdimension Neptunia.

Finally, years after the war between the four realms of Gamindustri has come to a friendship treaty. And the only person not to take it seriously is Neptune, who’s job it is to make sure the Share energy doesn’t go plummeting. Follow Neptune and the kind of shenanigans she with her friends get themselves into.

It’s a fun, silly show that people should watch and it also has some action in it. I do indeed have plenty of more shows to go around, so here it is 8 Anime Like Hyperdimension Neptunia [Choujigen Game Neptune The Animation]

Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Meteoroid-Falling, Burning, and Disappear, Then…

Let’s start this off with more action.

Tsubasa Kazanari and Kanade Amou were a pair of idols, who fought against an alien race with an armor known as Symphogear. Although Kanade sacrificed herself to protect a young girl, so now Tsubasa have been taking on the alien race alone. But she won’t be for long.

It’s good anime, with some awesome music, nice action, and entertaining characters.


Let’s continue on with some more awesome music.

As she enters her first year of high school, Hirasawa Yui attention is grabbed as she looks at the poster advertising for the “Light Music Club” and she figures she joins the club, even though she never played an instrument in her life. She is granted by the club members and is asked to join anyways to prevent the club’s disbandment. Yui begins to learn the guitar with the help of the other band members, experiencing many mishaps along the way.

Kick out the jams with this hard rocking show.

Leviathan: The Last Defense (Zettai Bouei Leviathan)

Now we got something that’s almost like “Game of Thrones,” except without all the blood, violence, naked people, and incest.

Meteorites fall upon Aquafall and have brought with it, evil creatures. The only way to stop them is with the Aquafall Defense Force and joining with them are three dragon girls. Watch as they take on monsters and work together as a team.

It’s a fun show and has plenty of awesome action that comes with it.

Robot Girls Z

A new spin on a beloved classic.

Three girls, who are based on  Mazinger Z, Great Mazinger, and UFO Robot Grendizer, are up to defend earth from the evil “Subterranean Empire.” Will they be able to take on the empire or perish?

I enjoy the fact that they did something new and cute with the concept of taking the iconic robots then making them into something new. It’s definitely worth a watch.

 Sega Hard Girls (Hi☆sCoool! SeHa Girls)

Welcome to the SeHaGaga Academy, where Dreamcast, Sega Saturn, and Mega Drive are given assignments so they can graduate. Which they must go inside the games of the sega world.

If you play games or have played SEGA games before, then I suggest watching this. This is one of the top notch anime shows to watch.

Ange Vierge

Portals have suddenly open and now five different worlds which result in teenage girls having their hidden powers awaken. Now, the girls must be put on an isolated island, where there’s an academy for them. So they can understand how to use their powers.

A great anime that with a terrific story, setting, a cast of characters and voice acting.

Senki Zesshou Symphogear G: In the Distance, That Day, When the Star Became Music…

The second season to “Senki Zesshou Symphogear: Meteoroid-Falling, Burning, and Disappear, Then…” After  Hibiki, Tsubasa, and Chris had saved the planet, peace seems to have returned. But at a joint concert between Tsubasa Kazanari and foreign superstar Maria Cadenzavna Eve, Maria has declared war on the planet.

This time it seems that the three girls have met their equals with the arrive of the dark Symphogear. It won’t be an easy battle but if only they will show Maria of what they are made of.

It still has a lot of the charm from the first season and it manages to raise up the stake. In some cases, it’s a bit superior to the original.

Vividred Operation

Akane Isshiki is a happy, carefree 14-year-old, who is poor but doesn’t matter to her at all. She has a little sister, who she loves, and her grandfather, who’s an inventor. Everything seems fine with the world until it is threatening by an unknown enemy and the only thing that seems to stop this threat is a long girl with a red “Palette Suit” which wields a great, hidden power.

Is she the key to stopping this dangerous foe?

A high-octane, feel-good anime that is perfect if you just want to have a good time watching.

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