8 Anime Like Kumamiko: Girl Meets Bear [Recommendations]

Everybody needs a good laugh at least once a day. If not then you are not enjoying life. Not to say being happy isn’t enough but a nice good laugh comes a long way.

Now, it doesn’t matter what gets you that laugh, a funny joke, a meme, a comedy movie or show. Anime itself has injected comedy through every genre, even the hentai, although hentai itself is funny to watch. Just having a straight up comedy anime is probably the easiest to do.

You can have an anime with a talking bear and his best friend, who is a human girl, and call it Kumamiko: Girl Meets Bear.

Machi Amayadori has been living up in the rural mountains for most of her life with her talking bear Natsu. She wants to attend high school but is afraid that she may not be ready for it. It’s up Natsu to get Machi in shape for school with some wacky trials and plenty of hijinx ensues.

Now, even though, it is a slice of life, it’s a very funny anime to watch. My sides were pretty hurt after watching this series. And I want to share the laughs with you kind people out there.

This is 8 Anime Like Kumamiko: Girl Meets Bear

Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! (WataMote: No Matter How I Look At It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Unpopular!)


Anime, please stop having these big long names. Three words are good enough, at best five. But this is just too long for its own good.

It might as well make the plot summary into the title of the anime if it’s going to make it that long.

But anyways, Tomoko Kuroki is a 15-year-old girl, who’s a shut-in that watches anime, and plays dating Sims games. Now she will face the biggest challenge in her teenage years: high school. The thought of making friends, becoming popular, and maybe dating a cute guy is all too much for her.

But she is determined to do all those things and hopefully much more if she doesn’t have a panic attack.

Now, of course, the description sounds ridiculous but there are those people who can relate to this and they should give this a watch. If you aren’t those people then you should give it a chance any, it has enough to entertain anyone.

 Shirokuma Cafe (Polar Bear’s Café)

Polar Bears Cafe

Now this anime not only has talking bears, but it also has all kinds of talking animals.

Welcome to Shirokuma Cafe, owned by the polar bear himself Shirokuma. There you can relax after a hard day of work and get served by Shirokuma. Along with him are two other animals a penguin and a panda bear.

They get into some funny adventures and meet all kinds of animals and humans.

This is a very charming anime. The animation is nice and the comedy is good. A must watch.

Inari Kon Kon

Inari Kon Kon

While running late to school, Inari Fushimi saves a pup fox from drowning. Uka-no-Mitama-no-Kami, the god of the Inari Shrine, thanks her for saving the pup and in return gives her a small portion of her powers to Inari. Now, Inari can transform into anyone that she wishes.

This anime was very pleasant to watch. It made me laugh and tear up a bit. Give it a watch whenever you can.

Futsuu no Joshikousei ga Yattemita. (Locodol)


Nanako Usami is approach by her uncle to partner up with another to be idols known as Nagarekawa Girls. So that they can promote the city and the business. They are joined by two other girls in this crazy adventure.

This was a big surprise that I enjoy it. The songs were good, the art was good too, and characters were nice as well.

Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Anime Like Gugure! Kokkuri-san

Now, for a very silly anime.

Kohina Ichimatsu is an odd girl. All she does is eat cheap bowls of noodles. She keeps calling out to Kokkuri-san, who now helps her as if he was her mother. Other characters also come into her life in this strange adventure.

This is a heck of a funny anime from beginning to end. Watch this one with the caution of having your sides getting soar.

Hoozuki no Reitetsu

Hoozuki no Reitetsu

Hoozuki no Reitetsu is what I call a breath of fresh air.

Hell is what you call a business and business is booming. Thanks to Hoozuki, the chief deputy to the king of hell. Follow the sadistic and level-headed Hoozuki as he spends his days troubleshooting hell.

This is devilishly funny. One of the best animes I’ve seen in years.



Seishuu Handa may be a talented artist but he is a narcissist to boot. When he is sent to the Goto Island as punishment, he will have neighbors snooping all over his business. After this wacky adventure, Seishuu will learn more than he ever has in his life.

Barakamon was featured recently on another list but I figured I’d give a plot summary. Go and watch this anime if you haven’t already.

Mahou Shoujo Nante Mou Ii Desukara.

Mahou Shoujo Nante Mouiidesukara

Yuzuka Hanami is a carefree young girl and Miton is an alien warrior. When these two meet Miton offers Yuzuka to be her servant and transform her into a magical girl. And soon afterwards, they get into some misadventures of wacky proportion.

It’s cute, funny, and overall a very good anime to watch.