8 Shows Like Black Mirror [Recommendations]

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These are my favorite picks for shows like Black Mirror. Keep in mind that the list is in no particular order. Enjoy the recommendations.

Utopia (2013)


Utopia is a British thriller drama action television series that was broadcast on Channel 4 from 15 January 2013 to 12 August 2014.

How TV Ruined Your Life (2011)

how tv ruined your life

The series was reviewed mildly positively, with some criticism of the series’ topic (criticism of television), some positive remarks about specific segments, and some abuse in jest from Brooker’s colleagues at The Guardian: “Ha! I mean, boo! I hate him.” In the Scotsman, it was noted that “though so far Brooker hasn’t been pulling any punches”, some of Brooker’s topics were deemed too broad, some of his targets were called “too familiar”, like his mockery of 1970s public service safety announcements, and Brooker himself “may be heading towards one of those programmes he has so savagely parodied.” The Metro enjoyed Brooker’s making “merrily sardonic hay”, and found his skewering of some TV fearmongering “spot on”, but found his targets pretty easy, “nicking TV news (‘like looking directly in the face of terror’) with flesh-wounds when once upon a time he would have gone for the heart”, and described the show as “cobbled together.”

Dead Set (2008)


Inspired, says creator Charlie Brooker, by the classic horror film “Dawn of the Dead,” this five-episode series chronicles a nightmare scenario in which Britain is taken over by zombies. No one is spared the wrath of the undead .except the contestants and production staff filming a season of “Big Brother” in the U.K. As they’re unaware of what’s happening outside, the house becomes a safe haven. Then the doors open on eviction night and all hell breaks loose.

Charlie Brooker’s Screenwipe (2006)

charlie brookers screenwipe

Screenwipe is presented by comedian Charlie Brooker, who reviews other British television programmes with a caustic and humorous tone. Brooker analyses specific programmes and genres, regularly making jokes about how programmes are created. Brooker often pays particular attention to more obscure channels on satellite, Freeview and cable, such as those dedicated to gambling, shopping, horoscopes and pornography. He explores the probable effects of television on society and the feelings programmes can create in the viewer. One segment of each show is usually dedicated to positive reviews, with analysis on why the style and content are so absorbing.

Time Trumpet (2006)

Time Trumpet

Time Trumpet is set in the year 2031 and is a retrospective documentary on the first thirty years of the 21st century. Actors and actresses played the parts of ‘today’s stars’ thirty years on, who were interviewed as part of the show. These ‘older selves’ included David Beckham, Anne Robinson, David Cameron, Sebastian Coe, Charlotte Church, Ant & Dec, June Sarpong, Tony Blair, Alastair Campbell, Charles Clarke, Noel Edmonds, Chris Moyles, Gordon Brown, David Miliband, Bob Geldof, Natasha Kaplinsky, Prince Harry, Jamie Oliver and The Woman who released the Doves at the end of the Michael Jackson trial.

Stewart Lees Comedy Vehicle

The main body of the show is a Stewart Lee stand-up comedy performance, recorded live at the Mildmay Club in Stoke Newington with a club audience. Usually two episodes of the show were recorded per evening. Each episode has a theme, around which Lee performs his material.

The Returned (2015)

the returned

From executive producers Carlton Cuse (“Lost,” “Bates Motel”) and Raelle Tucker (“True Blood”), “The Returned” is set in a small town that is changed forever when a seemingly random collection of locals suddenly reappear. What they do not yet know is that they have been dead for several years, and of course no one is expecting them back. Families are reunited, and the lives of those who were left behind are challenged on a physical and emotional level, as both positive and detrimental consequences accompany the undead’s arrival. “The Returned” is based on the popular, International Emmy-winning French suspense series adapted by Fabrice Gobert and inspired by the feature film “Les Revenants.”

Top of the Lake (2013)

top of the lake

Set in a remote mountain town in New Zealand, “Top of the Lake” centers on the disappearance of 12-year-old Tui, who is five months pregnant. She is last seen standing chest deep in a freezing lake, and now all attention is focused on inexperienced detective Robin Griffin, who leads the investigation in the same town where she endured traumatic events years earlier. Not only must she find Tui, but Robin also embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Her limits are tested amid clashes with Matt, the missing girl’s father and local drug lord, and GJ, a guru at a local women’s camp.

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