10 T.v Shows like Intelligence


This is a list of T.v show recommendations of shows similar to Stomp the Yard. Bear in mind that this list is in no particular order.

When traditional government protocols aren’t the answer during times of crisis, a lethal force activates to protect the country and its citizens by any means necessary. Hidden from public view and known only to a handful of people at the top echelons of power is John Case, a smooth, athletic, tough and quick-witted operative for the Agent X program. The Midwestern farm boy at heart is Special Ops-trained and CIA-tested, ready to serve at the exclusive, careful discretion of Vice President Natalie Maccabee. They tackle not only global threats but also the palace of intrigue known as Washington, D.C., aided by stodgy, fiercely patriotic Malcolm Millar, the chief steward of the vice president’s mansion.

Forever searching for a bigger fix, an organization of wealthy individuals in Las Vegas indulges in a high-stakes game of risk and reward with a criminal twist. The plan is simple: orchestrate some of the biggest crimes imaginable and bet on one man’s ability to stop them from playing out. Enter Alex Kane, a former military operative turned security expert who is drawn into the shady world and makes it his mission to take the group down from the inside and avenge the death of his wife in the process, proving that the house doesn’t always win.

A vengeful mastermind ambushes a schoolbus carrying the children of Washington, D.C.’s, elite, abducting the children and their chaperons, and creating a national crisis. The powerful parents — including the president himself — find themselves at the mercy of the abductor with nowhere to turn, creating an unthinkable situation that puts the entire nation at risk. As the authorities work to rescue the children, the parents discover how far they are willing to go to protect the people they love.

In 2048, police officer John Kennex wakes up from a 17-month coma without his girlfriend, his partner — and without one of his legs. While Kennex survived a catastrophic attack on the police department, his partner, relationship and one limb did not. Now outfitted with highly sophisticated synthetic appendage — along with depression, trauma on-set OCD and PTSD — Kennex is persuaded to come back to work by longtime ally Capt. Sandra Maldonado. As all cops are required to work with a robot, Kennex must overcome his aversion to androids and get accustomed to his new partner: a discontinued android with unexpected emotional responses.

In this modern version of Mary Shelley’s classic tale, a man is resurrected as a younger version of himself by two billionaire scientists. Founders of a social networking empire, Mary Goodwin (Dilshad Vadsaria) and her twin brother, Otto (Adhir Kalyan), decide to give new life to Jimmy Pritchard, a former sheriff who was killed during a robbery. In addition to being much younger and getting a second chance at life, Pritchard also finds he has new, astonishing physical abilities. Pritchard must decide whether he should embrace a new sense of purpose — or fall prey to his former temptations.

Arkady Balagan, a former world chess champion, witnesses the murder of his fiancee and subsequently develops a debilitating case of agoraphobia. Running out of money and unable to leave his hotel, Balagan uses his analytical skills to become a detective. But, because of his agoraphobia, Balagan needs help in his detective work. Enter his “pawns,” friends who venture into the outside world on Balagan’s behalf. The pawns include chess fanatic Sam, hotel bartender Danni, perceptive housekeeper Alcina and Balagan’s late fiancee’s sister, Pippa. The hotel’s defiant security manager, Hugo, tries to stop the chess master every chance he gets.

Jake 2.0(2003)

NSA computer technician Jake Foley is transformed into a secret agent after he is accidentally infected with nanobots, based on nanotechnology that reduce the size of a computer to the molecular level, which give him superhuman powers. With his new abilities, he can hack into anything electronic and control it. His medical and emotional state is carefully watched over by Dr. Diane Hughes, who is far too human for her job with the NSA. Struggling in his early tasks with the NSA, Jake must prove himself and yield results or be locked up for “research.”

Working for the FBI’s Deep Cover Operations division, Martin Odum can transform himself into a different person — whether it’s an assignment as a Serbian extremist, a corrupt Chicago police officer, a British special forces colonel, or a legendary computer hacker. But when he learns that his life, itself, may be a lie, he faces the demands of his job and a desire to solve the mystery of his real identity. And given the choice between the two, Odum doesn’t always make the right decision. From the producers of “Homeland,” “Legends” is based on Robert Littell’s award-winning book.

When New York homicide detective John Amsterdam says he brings a lifetime of experience to his work, he’s not kidding. Amsterdam is immortal — a former Dutch soldier in the 17th century colony of New Amsterdam who was granted eternal life after saving an Indian girl from a massacre. The spell she wove in gratitude will be broken only when he finds his true love. Dr. Sara Dillane is the physician who treats Amsterdam when he suffers what appears to be a massive heart attack.

Brilliant private pathologist Dr. Beaumont Rosewood uses his sophisticated lab to perform autopsies for the Miami Police Department, uncovering clues its staff couldn’t see. Rosewood’s partner-in-crime is tough-as-nails Detective Villa, who is both impressed with Rosewood’s incredible abilities and annoyed by his incessant optimism. Rosewood’s positive outlook and desire to live life to the fullest is based on a personal struggle with an array of medical issues, and the victims he encounters whose lives were abruptly shortened.

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