SliceThePie Guide: Tips and Tricks for a Better Music Review

If you have been reviewing Music on SliceThePie, the chances are you will want to maximize money you get per review.


SliceThePie Tips

  • Start writing the moment the song starts. Since you get 90 seconds before you can submit the review(you can take longer), try to figure out what the song is all about.
  • Break your review into smaller parts. You can describe the introduction and go onto the the song’s tempo. Then you proceed to critique the singer’s vocals.

Creating a Structure for Your Music Review


If the song has one, you should look for how the intro leads you to the song. Is it leading in too fast? Is the introduction too long? Does it start of abruptly with no intro at all? These are things you can talk about.

Melody and Rhythm

How do you like the tune of the song? Is it cheerful or sad? Is it speedy or slow? Did you like the instruments used to create the melody? These are things you can describe to fill up the review. I will give you more details later below for some musical terms.


How is the singer’s vocals? Is it nasally or perhaps it is strong and distinct?

Instrumental and Digital Effects

Do you like the enhanced effects of the song if it has any? Do they include any digital tunes?

If You Do a Full Review – Consider the Following:

Structure of the Entire Song

How well did you think the song was organized? Was it all over the place with the chorus used in awkward parts of the song? These are things you could write about.

Performance and Potential of the Song

How was the overall performance? Do you think the song has a chance to make it big?

Overall Recording Quality

Sometimes, the song is good but they might have used a lousy recorder to record the song. You could also give some feedback. I occasionally get songs that just hurts my ears when I listen to it. This is usually due to poor recording.

Vocabulary to Use for the Music Review

Chasmac of HubPages has a great list that I use when I write my music review. Click here to visit his hub on SliceThePie.

Here is a short vocabulary list that he recommends:

For melodies
Positive – tuneful, interesting, shapely (or well-shaped), strong, melodious, memorable, original,
Negative – plain, shapeless, tuneless, boring. too simple, overly complex, unoriginal

For vocals
Positive: – distinctive, rich, warm, expressive, feeling, strong, attractive, appealing, confident, conviction, heartfelt, clear, stylish, impressive, pitch range, dynamic, edgy, raw, powerful
Negative: – thin, weak, inconsistent, out of tune, pitch problems, expressionless, bland, self conscious

For lyrics
Positive – original, amusing, thought-provoking, inspiring, heart-warming, punchy, meaningful, clever, deep,
Negative – plain, uninspiring, weak, pretentious, cheesy, corny, cringeworthy, obscure, confusing, predictable, repetitive, offensive

For instrumental accompaniments
: balanced, varied, full, rich, rhythmic, engaging, compelling, competent, smooth, accomplished, imaginative, creative, solid, original, exciting, powerful, driving, atmospheric, ethereal,

Negative: Weak, plain, safe, uninspired, lacking conviction, poor balance, untogether, over-sentimental, unvaried, lacking contrast. strident, harsh

For artists
talented, imaginative, professional, creative, accomplished, competent, skillful, careful, experienced, natural

Negative: unimaginative, predictable, careless, unprofessional, untogether, dated, awkward

These should help you come up with words when you are stuck on using the same vocabulary over and over.

Use positive words when giving good reviews and negative ones for not so good reviews.

8/10 Song

The song starts off with a rhythmic and engaging tone. I feel compelled to listen to it. The singer has a rather dynamic voice and it has a strong vocal projection. The song is not overly complex. The chorus is impressive, the pitch range varies, making it rich and engaging for me. The song definitely is professional and creative. I find it extremely good and the singer has talent.

3/10 Song

The song has a very futuristic feel to it. The intro feels like a story. The singer has a very unique voice. It kind of sounds off tune though. The musical instrumental play at 1:00 is decent. The change of pace in tempo is a little off. I was caught by surprise and it threw me off. She cannot really pull a high pitch. The melody of the song is what keeps the performance alright. I would not recommend this to my friends. The tempo of the song loses its tenacity, making me lose interest in the song. Perhaps she could practice more on her singing.

These are examples of some of my reviews. The amount of money you get will vary depending on your level. The base pay for Silver is 2 cents. Gold is 3 cents.

Happy reviewing! If you would like to sign up for SliceThePie, here you go:


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