Social Monkee Review – Read Before Buying

Social Monkee Review

Hello fellow online fanatics! Today I will be doing a review for Social Monkee.

What is Social Monkee?

It is basically a bookmarking membership site for monkeys. Okay, I mean humans :p. You get to automate your link building on social sites. They now also offer video sharing, which is pretty cool.

They have 3 plans:

Silver($7) – 25 social bookmarks to 1 url per day

Premium($47/year) – 100 social bookmarks to 3 urls per day

Ambassador($19.95/month) – Has the benefits of both silver and premium membership. Get 25 Pr links per submission and you can submit 4 urls per day. You can also embed YouTube videos.

There used to be a elite membership, but I think they got rid of it.

Why I Use Social Monkee…

The main reason that I use Social Monkee is to build this effective link building strategy to complement my sites. Here is a simple diagram to help you understand.

Link Building 2015 Chart

Social Monkee is there to help boost the power of the blog networks or any powerful site that you can use to act as a buffer to your main site. This is the strategy to use 2015 and beyond.

Below are some results of using the above strategy:

Rankings Proof Social Monkee 1 Rankings Proof Social Monkee 2

Keep in mind that both are low competition keywords, with one of them being a client’s site of mine. Obviously this strategy will not work as well if you are going after “payday loans” or something super competitive.

With that being said, let me dive into the pros and cons of Social Monkee.


1) Easy to use and it is almost push button easy once the initial “grunt” work is set up.

2) Relatively cheap in terms of price compared to some other social bookmarking services.

3) Premium membership allows you to schedule your bookmarks, making it even easier than it already is.


1) You will get hit with up sells and other promotions quite often as a member

2) People will complain of the “low quality” bookmarks from them. (It only is if you don’t know how to use it properly)

3) Requires additional tool such as the spin rewriter to make it a little easier to use some of it features.

How to Use Social Monkee’s Bookmarking Tool

Using the submission tool is really easy. Here is the interface of the tool:

Social Monkee Submission1

URL – You input your site/blog/video you want to bookmark. It will auto check for you if it is already submitted.

Title – Input your title. Highly recommended to put in syntax for spinning.

Description – Put a description. Also highly recommended to put in syntax for spinnng to avoid duplicate submissions.

When I say syntax, you will want to put in something like {Best|Top|Greatest} dog training {program|course} for {newbies|beginners}.

This way it will make each bookmark unique, keeping yourself protected from duplicate content submission.

Tags – Put in your desired keywords related to what you want to rank for.

Category – Straight forward stuff. Put them to the most appropriate category.

Depending on what you get , you can choose how many bookmarking sites you want to send it to. Silver only gets 25. Premium gets a 100. They will post them over the course of 3 -7 days to make it look natural.

That is it! This will only take less than 5 minutes if you save your syntax for later use.

In the premium membership, you can schedule the time to submit your bookmarks. So you can literally get it done in 15 minutes to setup your entire month’s link building!

Monthly Content Service

They also have a monthly content service if you need fresh content for your blog. I don’t use it as it is extra so I cannot vouch for the quality. It will be an additional cost monthly.

Social Monkee Monthly Content

Social Viewer

They also have a social viewer which allows you to get your YouTube videos shared, liked or subscribe by Social Monkee members. The good part is that you can get some views to your YouTube video initially and get the likes you need to improve your video rankings on YouTube.

Social Monkee Social Viewer

The downside is that you will have to earn the credits. Upgrading your membership will earn you more points per view.

Social Monkee Social Viewer Upgrade

I have not used this feature yet since I am using Syndwire to rank my videos instead.


Social Monkee is a cheap and effective tool to help you improve your site or video rankings. I would highly recommend it if you use it together with Syndwire or Social ADR.  I will get a commission if you do decide to use it. The basic membership is really a steal though. $7 to build backlinks to your website/blog/video is too good to pass up.

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