Super Mario Run iOS [Out in December 2016]

Nintendo’s jump at the mobile gaming genre begins as they are set to release Super Mario Run on your ipad and iphone in December 2016.

Super Mario Run is a 2D endless runner much like Minion Rush. You go around collecting coins and mushrooms like the classic version, except that the screen is always moving and you will need to navigate your way to fight Bowser and his baddies.


Credit: Nintendo

As we evolve and more and more people are moving towards mobile gaming, it makes sense for Nintendo to take a stab at a slice of the mobile market pie.

The graphics of the game is quite smooth just by looking at the trailer. Some classic mario players may not like how it deviated from the original series, but I do think it is good enough to differentiate itself from the original. Not everyone wants to play the same thing over and over.

I do have very high hopes for this endless runner and hoping it will be a lot of fun.

With Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing due to come soon, it will be very exciting times for the mobile gaming space.

I can’t wait!