The Angry Birds Movie Review [Spoilers Ahead]

The Angry Birds Movie

Angry Birds, the most popular free-to-play mobile app game, has now become a movie.  Will it soar through the sky or flip flop to the bad video game adaptation pile. Here’s the Angry Birds Movie Review.

The movie takes place in the far distant land known as Bird Island. The birds are a happy community, living a carefree life, although there are some that are just plain angry. Red, Chuck, Bomb and a few others, are either mad, hyper, or combustible. Then some pigs come to the Island and are greeted by the birds with open arms, except for Red. He doesn’t trust them and probably that’s a good thing. Red must find out why are the pigs are there before something bad happens.

Let me start by saying that I think this is the stupidest movie idea that I’ve ever heard in my life. I’m very familiar with video game film adaptations and they have a reputation of being bad. There are very few exception to this, with one of them being Mortal Kombat. I shall repeat that, the best video game film is Mortal Kombat. I won’t knock down Mortal Kombat since it’s not a bad movie, but wow. That’s the one that we consider being the pinnacle of video game movies. Now Angry Birds wants to give a try at an already failed film genre.

And to make it clear Angry Birds doesn’t exactly have an epic plot. The story is pigs steal eggs from the birds and the birds go to pigs to get their eggs back. Lastly, all you do in the game is wind up a bird on a slingshot and release the bird to hit a building and crash into the piggies. So with all that said, you would think the movie would be terrible, however, it’s a solid film.

The casts in the movie is pretty good but unrecognizable. People like Jason Sudeikis, Keegan-Michael Key (Key and Peele), Josh Gad, Peter freakin’ Dinklage (actual middle name), and Sean Penn were in the film. I had to do a double-take and say “Sean Penn was in Angry Birds?” Not to say that it’s strange, just more of a surprise because I couldn’t tell you that he was in the film. It’s a real credit to Sean Penn since most of the time actors that try to voice act obviously don’t put any effort or becomes they are just plain bad. But most definitely they did a pretty good job.

The CGI is impressive for an 80 million dollar budget compared to that of a Disney CG movie that’s about 150 million dollars. Another thing that is impressive is the story itself. For the paper thin plot of a video game, the writers of the film gave it a little more oomph to it. It’s pretty much the same the story within the game but the movie does add some character development with the main character Red.

The reason why he’s always angry all the time is sad. And the movie does give the characters some depth. My favorite was Terence, just the fact he’s one quiet bird and you can tell he’s done some stuff. Terence is all about that thug life homies. And the pigs themselves are a pretty funny bunch as well. They don’t have any depth within themselves but they were still fun.

And now the negative portion of the review. I felt like they could have done a little more with it. I’m not exactly asking for an Oscar worthy film but they could’ve given other characters some more development. The last third of the film they just shoe in the slingshot and all of the sudden these birds have magical powers. Red, Chuck, and Bomb were explained enough to know how they use their powers within the film, however, others like Matilda, played by Maya Rudolph, can poop out exploding eggs.

They don’t explain why and how but apparently she can do this. It’s  a syndrome that writers get when they write themselves into a corner in the third act and don’t know what to do. One of them watches the Avengers and writes down a big action set piece with things exploding, slow-mo shots, and corny catchphrases for the trailer to get kids all excited to watch the movie. In short, the third act is the weakest part of the film.

The Angry Birds movie is a fun film and as of right now the best video game movie adaption. The filmmakers took the thinnest plot of all video games and actually made it into an entertaining 90-minute movie, compared to other films that were based on videos games that had enough of an in-depth plot, that anyone with enough writing chops can make a good movie out of and just fudge it up. So, if you are curious to go and watch Angry Birds then go right ahead but I would stick to matinee prices or you can wait to Red Box it.

[usr 3]