Tokyo Ghoul Rebirth [Character Tier List]

Special thanks to TokyoGhoulGames for the details of this list. The list below comprises the characters in Tokyo Ghoul. It bases each character on their ranks in different modes such as Arena or Real-Time Battle.

  • SSS/SS/S – Some of the best in that specific mode
  • A – Highly acceptable for the game mode
  • B – Standard rank for the middle of the road characters
  • C – Below average
  • D – Not useful for that game mode.
CharacterAct BattlesArenaReal-time BattleGhouls Explusion/Organisation TrialsCochlea CrusadeOverall RankNotes
Arima-IXASSSSSSSDASSUse full defence gear set for the set skill it provides. A strong tank that can heal back damage received and out match most other characters due to this, despite his low damage.
ShachiSSSSASSSASSKited easily in Real-time Battle. High damage, low survivability, zero utility.
NoroSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSGlass Cannon in every sense, will either kill or be killed in pvp modes. Full raid set is recommended. Skill tip; Use Rebirth, Blood rain and Bloody claws in that order. Blood rain damage is useful, don't waste it.
Yamori - Half KakujaSSSSSSASSSSSSSHigh damage and high survivability makes him incredible in every mode, though can be kited easily in Real-time battle similar to Shachi. Gear set may vary between full raid and half raid, half defence.
TataraSSSSAASHigh survivability, though lacks personal damage he increases team members damage. Half raid, half balance or full balance gear set.
Tsukiyama - GourmetSSADSSSLow damage, high utility and survivability.
Keneki - Half KakujaAABAAADoesn't excel at anything but is average to below average in every sense. 5* may be very effective due to stun but hard to tell by the description alone.
Ayato Kirishima (mask)SASBAA Good kite in Real-time battle but lacks the damage to follow it through like Kaya has.
Wounded KenekiTBA
Kuroiwa - ArataTBA
Ken Kaneki (mask)TBA
Shinohara - ArataTBA
Yoshimura - OwlTBA
Hinami FueguchiSSSSSDSSS
Kaya - Black DogSASSSSSSASSVery useful due to her passive critical rate increase at 5* to the entire team and her passive heal that effects the entire team.
EtoABBDBAGlass cannon but is the most effective kite in Real-time Battle. Her passive skill Blood Claw is amazing in any mode but excels in Ghouls Explusion and Organisation Trials. Incredibly high damage.
Kaneki - RinkakuABBBBAGreat single unit heal with good group heals. A good unit if you don't have 5* Hinami.
Rize KamishiroABBABAGood starting character, excels once 5* with his incredible skill. But even then nothing special.
Juzo - ArmorAAABBAAnother good starting character. High damage, low survivability.
Itsuki MarudeBDDBDCGreat overall character.
Touka - RabbitBAABBAOnly has these rankings due to his utility. One of the best units to destroy crates in Act Battles that require it as well as the gold trial event crates. In Ghoul Explosion his attack speed on the special Kuzen boss is also one of the best.
KuzenABBABAPassive team attack speed increase along side her stun with defence lowering makes her decent in pvp modes.
Kisho ArimaSSASSSASIncredible damage combined with a fast attack speed. Full raid set should be used.
Iwao Kuroiwa
Kori UiSSBBAAUse half balance, half defence gear set.

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