Top 10 Best Bookmarking Sites to Organize Your Stuff

Best Bookmark Sites

Due to the wide range of online activities from social networking, blogging, and office work. It becomes necessary to keep the whole bit of information organized, this can be achieved by use of the following top 10 best bookmark managers to organize your stuff. We have included both PC and Mac options.

  1. Linkman, which is a book manager tool that is compatible with most of the browsers for example Firefox, Google chrome, and Opera. It synchronizes all the browsers and makes it possible for the user to search the bookmarked pages either by use of titles, numerals or category folders. It is in free and premium versions.
  2. Xmark: – This is a tool which has extensions on Google Chrome, Firefox, and even Safari. It organizes bookmarks in respect to popularity and frequency of search since it has the capability of synchronizing all the browsers and determining which is the most searched among the bookmarks. It exists in two versions, both free and paid. It offers backup features for content as well as delete, edit or add content.
  3. Google bookmarks: – These are amazing tools available to Gmail users and can be accessed freely as long as your browser is Google. They have features which are capable of sorting data in terms of date, labels, and titles. However, most of the browsers have an inbuilt extension bookmarking tools and software.
  4. I-faves: – This is a web browser which enables the user to organize online assignments, pages, links, photos, news feed and also share links, sorting them between the most visited and those received from third parties as referrals. In addition, it can import and arrange files based on dates.
  5. Webbla(Mac): -It enables users to share the contents on social networking sites as well as more visual viewings rather than just title outlines. You can basically organize the list contents by drag and drop in the desired folders. It is a premium software and costs around $20.
  6. Blinklist: – As the name suggests it allows the user to search archive pages within a blink since it operates faster than the search engine. The most magnificent feature is that the bookmarked pages can be read later even when the user is offline. Also based on the bookmarking trend, it starts to propose sites which it thinks might be helpful to you but have never been visited yet.
  7. Licorize: – This is a social bookmarking website which enables synchronization of web pages. It has a plug-in, extensions, and bookmarklets (bookmarks plus applets). They provide easy social network bookmarking, tagging and multi-tagging. Since it is mobile friendly it is easy to read on the bookmarked areas during free time or when traveling. It has both premium and free sign up options.
  8. Evernote: -It’s great features are the capability to capture almost anything you can think of or figure out. It makes it even possible to extract notes embedded in images without distorting the image. It has a web clip and thus can even take screenshots, snapshots and ink note material which can be searched by use of keywords, titles, and tags.
  9. Instapaper tool: – Is one of the most mobile friendly bookmarking application tool since they have even their own application for iPhone, Android, and other smartphones. Thus, any saved pages can be read at leisure or when traveling since the pages are mobile formatted.
  10. Historious: – Just as the name suggests the application keeps a history of the most visited sites thus it kind of forms a personalized search platform. It bookmarks a website with a single click and starts to rank the pages with the frequency of use. However in case you need to search a recently visited page just type in some words from the site and Historious will give the best options.

The following top ten list can be supplemented by the following additional bookmark manager sites and applications:

o Bokemarks:- This is a tool which allows the user to be able to save the full contents of a page and has the features for importing links from other browsers and is a bit more comprehensive as it also saves the icon and the titles as well too. This operates on the same principle as Net-vibes which is also a website which enables users to bring all the most relevant pages from their daily activity into a single pool.

o Am-dead link: – This is a window application software that analysis the bookmarked pages and then determines those which have been most dormant and creates an alert to the user on whether to delete or retain them.

I guarantee thatĀ these options will help you organize your urls and webpages a lot easier!


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