Top 10 Best Gundam Series of All Time – Anime Recommendations

Top Gundam Series

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Here are my top 10 favorite best Gundam series of all time! Keep in mind that I enjoy watching them all so they are in no particular order. Gundams are also considered mechas. 😀

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Gundam Seed

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I remember watching it as a kid and enjoyed it. Kira was somewhat an underdog at the beginning of the series. It is a war of naturals vs coordinators. The interesting part is that his childhood friend is assigned to steal some Gundams and Kira is forced to fight him. Kira then starts developing god like reflexes on his Gundam as he tries to fend of invaders from destroying his friends. Oh, and plenty of beam spamming! Pew pew!

 Gundam Age

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Gundam Age turns out to be an interesting series as it follows 3 generations of Gundam pilots. It shows the pilots of the first, second and third generation. The 3 main characters are Flit Asuno, Asemu Asuno and Kio Asuno. Each generation carries on the tradition of piloting the Gundam. Kio seems to be the most gifted in terms of skills. Unfortunately, the show only lasts 49 episodes and the character development is lacking due to having to rush through 3 generations. However, the fights are excellent and the Gundams are beautiful too!

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Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack

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This is the continuation classic as the rivalry between Char Aznable and Amuro Ray. Although this is a movie, it does draw a conclusion to the UC era with Amuro and Char both MIA after the crazy Asteroid drop. The graphics might turn of some of you new age anime viewers. They do have a remastered version which is a lot cleaner.

And if you like the Fin Funnel and intense fights, this movie is going to excite you. The only beef I have with the movie is the lack of character development for Quess. But then again, its hard to do that in a 2 hour movie.

Gundam Unicorn

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This series is very well done and is very short with only 7 episodes. They are quite trigger happy to kill off characters. The character development is also excellent despite having only 7 episodes. Bright Noa is also featured in this since it is the same UC era as Amuro. This series also confirms the death of Amuro by showing his spirit at the end of the anime.

G Gundam

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SHINNINGGGG FINGGGERRRRR!!! Most Gundam series is all about rifles, but this one is more kung fu fighting. The plot is also different as 5 gundams are used to settle a political war by having them fight in a competition. I have to say the story is not the greatest, but god damn the fights are awesome. The pilots in this series are dressed in suits and they don’t have the whole “launching” sequence of the traditional Gundam series.

 Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory

Oh boy, I love both of their opening soundtracks. The series features Kou, who is quite the underdog and if you compare his skills as a pilot against the enemy Gato, he is quite inferior. However, he gets better over the course of the anime and eventually prevails. The plot is decent in my opinion and is a short series to enjoy during your school break.


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