Top 10 Best Gundam Series of All Time – Anime Recommendations

Gundam: 08th MS Team

Source: Wikipedia

This series is quite underrated in my opinion. I guess the reason for this is because the Gundam in here is not as over powered as the new age ones like Gundam Seed or 00. This is good old military Gundam. The graphics are also quite old, so some fans might not like it. Oh and the character interactions are quite funny to watch as well. Plus, the soundtrack is awesome!

Gundam 00

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This one features the powerful “Trans Am” system, which is very unique. The plot is the fight for natural resources and it is up to the “Celestial Beings” to stop it. The Celestial Beings consists of 4 powerful Gundams that are assigned to stop the war. The fights in this series is awesome. I think the most epic fight was when Setsuna gets to transform his Exia with the Trans Am system. Nerdgasmic!

Gundam Wing

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I grew up watching this and perhaps that is why I am so fond of it. 5 Gundam pilots are dispatched to fight for the freedom of the colonies in space. My favorite character is Duo Maxwell and the Deathscythe Gundam. The series also consists of a lot of beam spamming from Heero Yuy and the overpowered “Zero System”. The only thing I didn’t like was that Relena is quite useless in the show.

Zeta Gundam

Source: Wikiepedia

Kamille is a great pilot but can be quite emotional. The Gundams in this series is also very happy rifle beam spammers. Amuro is also featured in this series, making him quite a memorable character for most gundam fans. The villains in this show are also quite badass, especially Haman Karn with that Quebeley.

Turn A Gundam

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The story is quite interesting. First, Loran the main character gets sent to Earth to see if it is suitable for resettlement. He ends up liking it and has to defend the great mother earth as the Moonrace starts sending troops to reclaim earth. The graphics are also unique and looks different from the generic artwork of the other Gundam series.

Go watch them during your leisure time!


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