Top 10 [Best] Naruto Opening Themes

Top 10 Best Naruto Opening Themes

For this list we’ll be looking at intro song and accompanying visuals which helps introduce a generation to now so story, as well as some truly excellent J-Rock and J-Pop, will be facing our entry on the quality of the [song] and how well the opening conveys both the story arcs and airs during and Fit series at large.

Number 10. Youths Rhapsody – Sambo Master

Airing during the climactic Arc in the first half of Naruto, Before the filler hell, of course. This scene captures the urgency experienced by Naruto and his friends as they try to bring Sasuke who has gone rogue in his quest for power back to the village.

Above all the song and animation conveyed a nostalgia and angst-ridden turmoil experienced by naruto now that he’s forced to fight against his former friend making it seem like the true end of an era.

Number 9. Closer – Joe Inoue

Naruto Shippuden fourth opening, Closer, is right from it’s haunting first note a great song. Lyrics are generally inspirational emphasizing the importance of life than savoring it while we can.

This message matches quite well with the storyline is to set against. Mainly prominent side characters Team 10 especially Shikamaru, dealing with the loss of their teacher. With its stirring message and goosebumps inducing melody this one was an essential pick.

Number 8. Blood Circulator – Asian Kung-Fu Generation

One of the most recent Naruto Shippuden themes, Blood Circulator is a fantastic rock song with strong vocals guitar work and emphatic drums. The lyrics really push the attitude that one should not give up in the face of despair which matches up perfectly with the climactic final battles in the show.

The visuals focus primarily on darkness enveloping the extended cast with Naruto slowly sinking both literally and figuratively to join them. However, the efforts of his teammates in combating these shadowy forces lift his spirits such that he gains the will to fight back too.

Number 7. Blue Bird – Ikimono Gakari

Appropriately enough this opening uses a bluebird as a thematic element with the bird and accessor acting as a transitionary device between images. Apart from the usual character introductions, the visuals also focus on the fight between members of villain group Akatsuki and Ninjas from Konoha in an event that eventually results in the death of certain comrades.

The song itself has a very unique sound supplementing its strong visuals with a lot of string instruments and even a harmonica. Blue Bird’s distinct it’s emotional music and beautiful animations definitely make it worth checking out.

Number 6. Diver – NICO Touches the Walls

Although not as varied at some of our other entries with respect to animation style. Diver makes up for this by vividly capturing the spirit of its lyrics which touch from sinking in Despair. With near continuous imagery of Naruto]slowly drowning surrounded by his enemies.

However, while Naruto’s eventually lifted up and above the water by his friend, Sasuke remains underwater unsupported by anyone leaving it up toNarutoo to pull him up. Diver essentially sums up the character arcs of its protagonist and his rivals in a way that is metaphorical up seats for the eyes and a pleasure to listen to.

Number 5. Hero’s Come Back!! – nobodyknows!

The first opening in Naruto Shippuden aptly titled heroes come back to reveal the new more mature look for the characters after the two-year time skip between Naruto and it’s sequel show.

This maturity is reflected both in the song which has a darker and more intense air about it than those openings that preceded it. As well as the visual which consists of a variety of style some of which are presented with rough and monochrome animations.

Overall this opening did a good job of renewing our excitement for the story and what would happen next to the orange-clad Ninja

Number 4. Glow of a Firefly – Ikimono Gakari

Glow of a Firefly has an air of oddly cheerful gloominess throughout it that makes for good introductory music. It is also notable for its uncommon focus on Sasuke as it aired during his return to prominence in the story.

Revealing his new teammates and teasing several plot developments. While a love song may be an unusual choice for a Naruto theme, particularly one that spotlights a stoic figure likSasukeke it actually works really well here.

Number 3. Not Even Giving in to the Sudden Rain – NICO Touches the Walls

One of the more visually striking entries on this list. This opening set against the backdrop of the long-running war Arc features several recurring elements.

The first is the five Kage, the strongest Ninjas in the Naruto world who are all introduced on screen and shown in a dynamic fight scene with Madara, one of the chief villains. Another major element is the contrast of light and darkness.

The lyrics emphasize hope and help reinforce the message that Naruto who reveals a glowing new transformation by blooms-end is the best chance to win the war.

Number 2. Sign – FLOW

This is an intro that gets straight to the point. Emphasizing its message of loss with its nostalgic footage of Naruto and Sasuke with their loved ones.

After some brief establishing character jobs the bulk of the video is devoted to excellently animated fight scenes showing the battle that will ultimately claim the lives of both Jiraiya and Itachi. The song has an upbeat and energetic attitude about it. Getting the characters last fights and the profound fact their deaths will have on their own tasks a somewhat bittersweet feeling.

Number 1. Far Away (Haruka Kanata) – Asian Kung-Fu Generation

It’s difficult to quantify what makes this opening. so great but we’re going to give it a try. Visuals begin with images of Naruto, his teammates, and their teacher.

We are also treated to some action beats and foreshadowed plot points. The song, meanwhile, has a tone and lyrics indicative of angry youth, the desire to kick things up a notch and prove oneself.

Fits perfectly as a theme for the arc which is all about young ninja’s demonstrating their skills and also because this is when Naruto really took off.