Top 10 Best Shoujo Anime Series To Watch [No. 3 is Awesome]

Full Moon o Sagashite

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The anime follows the story of twelve years old orphan Mtsuki Kouyama whose dream is to become a singer. Unfortunately she has terminal throat cancer that impacts negatively on her vocal cord. She refuses to undergo a throat cancer arguing that she had made a promise to her dear friend that they will be close to their dreams the next they meet. The singer to be, however, receives information from her death gods that she only have year left. To fulfill her dream of being a singer, Shinigam the god of death, transform her into a healthy sixteen years old version called the full moon so that she can be a pop idol and sing.


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Nana is centered on the story of two women sharing the same name. These two women meet on a train while moving to Tokyo to follow their dreams. On arrival in Tokyo, the two women take the same room and become roommates. Nana komatsu and Nana Oosaki realizes that they have much in common than they literally think. They unite together and form a very strong bond.

Ouran High School Host Club

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This is an infectious anime that is plagued with great characters, humor, and sheer craziness. The anime is full of fun and heartfelt moments. This anime focuses on a commoner, Haruhi, who attends Ouran High school despite it being a school for super rich people. Haruhi faces the most unfortunate thing while in the school; she is held hostage to pay for debts after she wonders into a host club’s room and breaks a vase.

Akatsuki no Yona 

Akatsuki no Yona anime is very. It is not yet done. It combines lots of things that are great about the modern anime. It borrows styles and elements such as humor, action and drama from the older anime. This anime is about the story of a young princess who witnesses the murder of her father. Everyone in the show has their comedic moments that are very refreshing with Yona getting a lot of personal growth throughout the series.

Rose of Versailles

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This anime is very popular despite its early release date, back in 1979. It is one of the few anime to have been adapted and performed by the world famous Takarazuka Revue. Its theme is based in France prior the famous French revolution. The story in this anime revolves around Oscar Francois de Jarjayes.

Oscar was raise as a boy in order to inherit her father’s position. She is prepared by being trained in sword fighting and other form of combat. She is one of the royal guards and she is responsible for the safety and security of Mare Antoinette. This series focuses much on Oscar being caught up when she intrigue the French court and being torn between royalty to her country, queen, her identity and her denied femininity. This anime has wonderful characters, a lot of drama, tragedy and emotional depth.

There you have it, go check them out during your leisure time!