Top 10 Strongest Characters in One Punch Man Anime [Spoilers]

Strongest One Punch Man Characters

If you ask who is the strongest character in One Punch Man, the answer would be Saitama, or is it? And what about the rest of the rankings? Here we list the top 10 Strongest One Punch Man characters:

10) Genos


First up at number 10 is Genos the Demon Cyborg. His augmentations and weapons are capable of pulverizing entire city blocks into nothing and his speed is nothing to scoff at. Unfortunately, he has a tendency to lose his limbs during fights, but he is powerful and true to his S class ranking nonetheless.

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9) Speed-o’-Sound Sonic

Speed o Sound Sonic

Sonic, the trap ninja is at number 9. While lacking the firepower of Genos his speed more than makes up for it. He can easily evade enemy attacks and use hit and run tactics to whittle down the enemy as you can see from his fight with the Sea King.

8) Metal Bat

Metal Bat

Next up is Metal Bat the delinquent hero with a heart. He might not be the strongest or the fastest but his fighting spirit ensures that he’ll keep standing no matter what. Yup, he has the shounen plot armor as a power. That’s why I put him above Genos the easily dismantled and Sonic the trap.

7) Atomic Samurai

Atomic Samurai

Number 7 is Atomic Samurai, true to his name he has the ability to cut atoms. As can be seen from the Melzalgald fight he’s an extremely powerful swordman. Though he couldn’t kill Melzalgald he was able to keep him occupied for a while.

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