[TOP 10] Tips & Tricks for Noobs in L2R ft. Powerbang

[TOP 10] Tips & Tricks for Noobs in L2R ft. Powerbang

Having trouble in Lineage 2 Revolution? You’ve come to the right place, check out these tips and tricks to help you break leveling walls and to optimize your gameplay. Special thanks to Powerbang for the tips!

1. Clan Contribution

Contribute to your clan by being a team player, make sure you always donate proofs of Blood, Red Star stones, Adena whenever it is possible to help out the clan. You can get clan buffs, or make potions for the clan, and even get stat increases. You can also go to the clan shop and buy XP with the rewards you get for donating.

2. Fireplace

Level 5 Clan will give you access to the class hall, which allows you to use the clan’s Fireplace for XP. This requires Kindling to use. Clan members and other allies can be invited to the fireplace to get free experience the whole time the fireplace is lit up, and the more players, the more experience. As high as 3000 exp per tick, every 5 seconds. Which can help you pass some levelings walls. Kindling can be found at Lloyd the quest Keeper.

3. Blue Diamond

Anything with a blue diamond on it is not a Soul Bound or permanently equipped to your character, meaning this item is tradable or sellable, allowing you to make some pretty nice profit off of it.

4. Monster Cores

Find the Monsters on your minimap and in your monster tab. Each monster has different stats and levels, clicking on each monster will show you where it spawns but you can also auto run to most of them. Dont’ forget to collect the monster codex’s as they are permanent buffs to your stats.

5. Summoning Stones

These are similar to the Monster Codex but its more guaranteed. Once you acquire a stone, you can select the monster you want to go fight, and it will put a portal on the ground that will allow you to call clan members or friends, or other players in the world to help you kill these monsters and the final boss.

6. Level 30 class quest

Once you hit level 30, you’ll get asked what direction you want to take your class. Do not do all of your Arena’s at level 30, try to save one of your Attacks in the arena for your class quest when you are level 30, so you can avoid waiting a full day to complete it.

7. Skills Optimization

After you finish your class quest at level 30. Once you get Ssand of oblivion, it will wipe your skills entirely and refund your Sp and 80% of your Adena. This allows you to respec your characters’ skills. This allows you to optimize your entire character build when you are ready to fine tune the skill. While in your skills make sure you change to the right deck to change to the proper gear for your newly optimized skills. Tap the blue dot on the skills you want to use in auto battle.

8. Bypassing the level wall

You will encounter level walls often in this game. The first way to get pass it, is to use the quest scrolls you get offered on the left side of the screen wher eit says sub quest available. Once a day, you will get 5 sub quest from scrolls, these are like normal quest that require you to kill monsters and or defend a place for awhile, and they will give a lot of experience. You can reset these as well . The second thing you want to do is to do your daily and weekly quest as they are available to try and break through a leveling wall.

9. Filtering your loot items

If you’re running low on inventory space due to the loot settings always picking up really bad items, go to the battle stab and set the minimum grade that you want your character to loot off of dead mobs. A good example of this is putting it on a B rating, and this will only pick up B rated loot and above, allowing you to avoid picking up trash items.

10. Tweaking Auto Battle

To tweak auto battle to keep your character from chasing mobs and getting yourself, you can set your auto battle to either melee, close, distance or No Limit. For example Melee is a stand still and attack when anything comes into your range, which is great for elite mobs or dungeons when you don’t want to pull too many mobs. Or you if you have it on no limit, your character will travel almost nonstop trying to kill mobs

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