Top 10 Zero to Hero Anime Characters

Top 10 Zero to Hero Anime Characters by WatchMojo

For this list, we’re going to be focusing on characters who started off as feeble weaklings who found the strength within to rise as paragons within their respective shows.

Spoilers ahead, obviously.

10. Kenichi Shirahama – Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple

He may be a little on the whiny side, but when this guy sets his mind to something you had better have your guard up. Originally nothing more than a punching bag Kenichi’s determination to save those in need eventually earned him the attention of the beautiful yet skilled Miu who led into the Ryozenpaku dojo.

From that point on Kenichi became the ultimate disciple learning several martial art styles and going on to become quite the talented fighter. Don’t judge this guy by his build, he’ll knock you flat before you know it. Respectfully of course.

9. Shu Ouma – Guilty Crown

Let’s be honest, if you want someone like Inori as a love interest. You’d come out of your shell as well. Bid and buy a less than pleasant past she was as aloof as they came.

That is until Inori entered his life band gained the ability known as the power of the king. By accessing the void within a person, Shu became a one-man army and a great addition to the resistance group known as the funeral parlor.

Sure he mostly joined because he had the hots for Inori, but hey if it means he fights for a good cause why not. Hooray for puberty.

8. Bell – Is it Wrong to Try and Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon

We’ve all been there. One day you’re just this nerdy kid who dreams of being an adventurer and next thing you know you’re diving into dungeons slaying monsters and earning the affections of goddesses.

While he started out is just a novice Bells uncanny ability to end the loyalty and affection of others soon propel them forward as a warrior worthy of recognition. He’s so humble that he even turns down the advances of the pint-sized beauty that is Hestia.

Hey Belle, being a gentleman is all well and good, but if a goddess wants to give you some divine attention. You’d best heed it.

7. Tsunayoshi “Tsuna” Sawada – Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

He’s easily startled barely has any friends and has no talents to speak of. Sounds like the perfect candidate for the next leader of a mafia family, right?

Yes, Tsuna may have started the series with no quality’s what so ever, but as time went on we saw that what he lacked an intellect and raw strength he made up for with the overwhelming heart. With the world’s greatest home tutor reborn by his side, Tsuna is soon able to harness the power of his dying will mode and become a figure the Vongola Familia can look up to.

Try making fun of him after you see him bust out the ex-burner.

6. Subaru Natsuki – Re: Zero: Starting a Life in Another World

Out of everyone on this list, Subaru might have been the worst of it. Sure he doesn’t exactly have a dark and tragic past but he is, however, the only one of them to die a lot.

After being transported to a fantasy world brimming with elves magic and murder our lucky hero discovers that every time he’s killed He travels back in time. Despite meeting multiple gruesome ends, Subaru still somehow finds a way to turn this into his strength.

Yeah, He didn’t get with Rem in the end, but anyone who can keep coming back after so many horrific ordeals certainly deserves our respect.

5. Atsuko “Akko” Kagari – Little Witch Academia

She comes from a humble background and has a very little talent for magic, yet She still winds up attending a school for witches. Does this deter her? Of course not.

This little lady is one of the most determined characters in recent memory. Propelled forward by her dream of becoming a great witch like a hero shiny chariots.

With an unshakeable belief in how magic should be used to spread joy, despite many originally viewing her as the worst witch. Akko turned out to be a beacon of hope that all could aspire to. Even if she still has trouble flying a broom.

4. Saitama – One Punch Man

You can make the argument that he’s always been the strongest hero and was never once a zero, but that’s not exactly true. As we saw in a brief flashback before he was the Caped Crusader, and bald, he was a run-of-the-mill worker who hated his mundane life so much He didn’t care if a supervillaiN crushed him.

After a sudden change of heart, he somehow gained his unstoppable strength becoming the one person capable of stopping threats that could annihilate Earth. Despite the fact that all other heroes still regard him as the lowest of the low.

3. Ippo Makunouchi – Hajime no Ippo

What does it mean to be strong? As a victim of bullying who could never muster up the courage to stand up for himself, Ippo is the last person you would expect to become the Japanese featherweight boxing champion.

After finding a passion in the sports, Ippo soon finds himself with a shot at the big league’s thanks to his unyielding fighting spirit as well as packing one hell of a swing. He can take a beating like no one’s business and dish out a blow that can cripple champions.

Just so happens he’s also the nicest guy you’ll ever meet.

2. Izuku Midoriya – My Hero Academia

All he ever wanted was to become a superhero. Unfortunately for him, he hasn’t got any powers. Ridiculed and bullied for being quirkless, he refuses to give up on his dream of becoming like his idol the hero known as All Might.

After a run-in with said hero Ezek who finally gets his chance when All Might recognizes that he does indeed possess the qualities of a hero. Making him a worthy candidate to pass down his quirk to.

Now imbued with the power of one for all Izuku has gone on to become such a force of good that even Superman would be proud

1. Simon – Gurren Lagann

Well, he’s certainly a spirit. In the beginning, Simon was most definitely overshadowed by his big bro. That’s no fault on Simons part, any anime character would be dwarfed when stood next to the pinnacle of manliness that is Kamina.

Found with the following on from his bros tragic death, Simon went through one hell of a transformation. Stepping up to lead team Gurren against the threat of Lord Genome and the anti-spiral by the time he makes the transition from kid to adult, Simon is the shining star of human hope.

Who else do you know that can go from pipsqueak all the way to piloting a mecha the size of a galaxy.

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