[Top 20] Best Bulma Cosplay from Dragon Ball

Bulma Briefs is one of the main female characters in the anime and manga series Dragon Ball/Z/GT/Super.

Bulma Briefs

Source: Pi-Cosplay

Source:  Kitty-Honey

Source: Virchan

Source: Shermie-Cosplay

Source:  UncannyMegan

Source: Zettai-Cosplay

Source: Neferet-Cosplay

Source:  Disharmonica

Source:  MeganCoffey

Source: Oniakako

Source:  Des-Henkers-Braut

Source:  ViviBunnyCore

Source: IchigeiCosplay

Source:  megturney

Source: beethy

Source: KikiKannon

Source: BlizzardTerrak

Source:  neliiell

Source:  SandroSebastiani

Source: Its-Raining-Neon