[Top 20] Best Jessica Nigri Cosplay

Jessica Nigri is an american cosplayer and one of the most famous one in the world. She has done a wide range of different cosplays from video games, to anime’s, to purely original ideas.

All of her images can be found here: Jessica Nigri Facebook

Jessica Nigri

Skyrim: Dovahkiin

Overwatch: Reinhardt

World of Warcraft: Deathwing

Overwatch: Casual Mei

Overwatch: Casual Tracer

Final Fantasy X-2: Rikku

Overwatch: Roadhog

Pokemon: Slowking

Pokemon: Houndoom

Pokemon: Litten

Marvel: Savage Land Rogue

Pokemon: Blastoise

Star Fox: Fox McCloud

League of Legends: Guar

Super Mario Brothers: Mario

Marvel’s X-men: Magneto

Dragon Ball Z: Vegeta

Legend of Zelda: Link

League of Legends: Teemo

Pokemon: Pikachu