[Top 20] Best Rosalina Cosplay from Super Mario Galaxy

Rosalina is the princess of galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy. She is an fairly new character with a mysterious back ground.


Source: Zettai-Cosplay

Source: Rosalina-Luma

Source: MolecularAgatha

Source: CatoKusanagi

Source: LayzeMichelle

Source: WilliamBrenes

Source: jj-dreamworldz

Source: GothLoliChanKaru

Source: Malicious-Cosplay

Source:  TanyaNoAtelier

Source: BlizzardTerrak

Source: HerSilhouette

Source: AlessandraLe

Source: Purrblind

Source: theeveningrose

Source: CatsLuna

Source: LiliCosplay

Source: popecerebus

Source: Des-Henkers-Braut

Source: whitelilium