[Top 20] Best Yaya Han Cosplays

Yaya Han is one of the biggest and well known cosplayers in the world. She’s a model and costume designer, and has been a judge for several different Cosplay Conventions Contests.

All of her images can be found here: Yaya Han Deviantart/Yaya Han Facebook


Yaya Han

League of Legends: Arcade Miss Fortune

Pokemon GO Trainer

Marvel’s The Inhumans: Medusa

Street Fighter: Chun Li

League of Legends: Heartseeker Ashe

Marvel’s Madame Hydra

Dangan Ronpa: Junko Enoshima

Marvel’s X-Men: Emma Frost

Lineage 2: Banshee Queen Enira

Moulin Rogue Style Snow White

Saint Seiya: Athena

Marvel’s Black Cat

Lineage 2: Dark Elf

League of Legends: Nightraven Fiora

Marvel’s Avengers Alliance: Phoenix

Code Geass: C.C (Artbook Dress)

Evangelion: Misato

Cowboy Bebop: Faye

Jessica Rabbit

Resident Evil 4: Ada Wong