[Top 5] Best Romance Anime of Fall 2018

It’s always nice to curl up in your couch after a big breakup; doing nothing but eating chocolate and binging romance anime. But what if you’ve already seen all the classics, and you want something new? That’s where I come in! Without further ado, here are 5 of the best romance anime in 2018 that you should go watch!

Wotakoi: Love is Hard for Otaku

Oh my god, this anime is adorable!

This anime is about a girl named Narumi, a company worker who’s secretly a massive fan of yaoi, and Hirotaka, a capable man who works at the same company and is also a video game nerd. The two of them are definitely perfect for each other, but, alas, love is hard for an otaku and it’s not going out so well.

I’d definitely recommend going to see this anime. It’s cute, the characters are relatable, and I like the art-style. Now then, let’s move on to the next anime, with…

The Ancient Magus Bride

Okay, so this one might get a few confused looks, but hear me out. I know that this one is more of a dark fantasy than anything, but I couldn’t help but put this one in.

The main character Chise Hitori decides to sell herself at an auction, in order to get someone to take her in and have a place to call home, after she had been shunned by her parents and by society. Eventually, at the auction she’s sold to a strange man whose name is Elias Ainsworth, who promises to take care of her, and one day make her his bride.

I put this one on here because it sort of reminds me of the movie Strange Magic – they’re both about a beautiful girl who eventually falls in love with a man who doesn’t seem handsome at first. I really loved the movie, despite it apparently being not that good of a movie.

3D Kanojo: Real Girl

Another anime about an otaku incoming.

So this one is about Tsutsui Hikari, an otaku who avoids being social at all costs. He’s basically sworn to only ever have 2D girlfriends – or waifus as we like to call them. One day, he ends up having to clean up the school’s pool with Igarashi Iroha, who seems to be like everything he hates.

After all, she skips school, doesn’t have female friends, and is very blunt. However, after that she ends up being friendly to Hikari, and she even stands up for him to the people who make fun of him. It feels like Hikari’s about to get his very first real-life girlfriend!

I like this anime because it feels pretty relatable to me – I mean, the only crushes I’ve ever had were on fictional characters. (The Winter Soldier is still my guilty pleasure…) So I’d definitely recommend looking at this one if you’d like. It’s also a manga series, so if you’re not a fan of watching anime, maybe you could give the manga itself a shot.

Boarding School Juliet


I’m fairly sure everyone here has read Romeo and Juliet before; it’s probably an assigned reading at school or something, I don’t know, I’m home-schooled, cut me some slack.

Anyway, this anime is more like a modern version of Romeo and Juliet. It takes place in a boarding school where the students comes from two rival countries; known as “Black Dogs” and “White Cats” The story follows Romio Inuzaka, who was from the Black Dog Dormitory, but falls hopelessly in love with Juliet Percia, who was from the White Cat Dormitory.

Eventually, Romio confesses his love to Juliet, who’s impressed by Romio’s determination to stay be her side – even going as far as to say he’d change the world for her – that she decides to accept his love. However, the two of them now had to work together to keep their love a secret from the other students in their dorms.

I love the artstyle for Boarding School Juliet so much, and the plot, though it’s basically the actual story of Romeo and Juliet, interests me. I’d definitely recommend that you check it out when you get the chance!


Koi to Uso (Love and Lies)

I’d have probably gotten a ton of hate if I didn’t include this in my article, so here you go, folks.

Love and Lies is an anime that takes place in the near future, where children that have turned 16 years old are assigned a partner by the government, based on compatibility calculations. This is in order to increase the country’s birth rate. Those who don’t marry the government assigned partner will suffer severe penalties.

However, Yukari Nejima finally confesses his love to his schoolmate Misaki Takasaki, and learns that she likes him back. However, once he’s turned 16, he’s assigned another girl, who isn’t thrilled with being assigned. As such, she lets him have an open relationship with Misaki, and the two of them learn about what true love is, while keeping up their appearances to the government.

Love and Lies is one of those anime that you just know is going to be one of the best of its genre. I would definitely recommend checking this one out, for sure! Overall, there are a ton of romance anime, some good and some bad. These are five anime that I really like, and I think that you would like too if you gave them a shot. Who knows? You might even find a new favorite anime!

Anyway, this has been the top 5 best romance anime of 2018. I’m Sara Ann, and I’ll see you in the next article!