A Resource List of The Best Anime Sites and Blogs

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Hey guys and gals, I thought I would compile a list of useful anime sites that will help you find or discover anything related to anime. This is your ultimate resource guide for anime.

Click on each individual tab to find the sites you might be interested in!

[tabby title=”Watch Anime”]

Watch Anime(English Dub/Sub)

Crunchy Roll – Great site for anime shows. They do lock the newer anime episodes though. They also have a membership upgrade that removes all ads.

The Anime Network – Watch all episodes of all kinds of anime. Subscribe to remove ads.

Funimation – Also subscription based.

VizMedia – Anime and manga. You can pay to download and own anime.

Hulu Anime – Hulu’s anime category.

[tabby title=”News/Info/Gossip”]


Anime Planet – Provides reviews and summary for anime and mangas.

ANN – News and info site.

My Anime List – Recommendations and review.

The Anime News Network – News site.

Japanator – Newest anime and manga releases info site.

Kotaku Anime – All things related to anime.

Otaku Magazine – News and review site.

The Akiba – News, gossip and rumors.

[tabby title=”Reviews”]


Them Anime – Short review for individual animes.

Anime Source – Review by anime fans and has ratings as well.

Nihon Review – Site also has live action reviews.

Absolute Anime – Review with ratings.

The Anime Review – Reviews individual anime of different genres.

Anime Stat – Review with ratings and stats for each genre and individual anime.

Anime World – Decent database of anime reviews with ratings as well.

[tabby title=”Forums”]

Discussions and Community

Reddit Anime – Biggest anime community on Reddit.

Anime-Forums – Also includes anime review, gaming and esports.

Crunchy Roll Forums – Anime discussions.

Anime List Forum – Series discussions and manga are popular here.

Anime Planet – Focuses on anime and manga discussions.

Naruto Forums – All things Naruto related.

Bleach Asylum – All things Bleach.

One Piece Net – All things One Piece.

4chan – Anime discussion boards.

Anime Suki – Diverse forum.

UK Anime Forum – UK based.

Anime Forums Dot Net – Focuses on music, manga and gaming.

MMGN Forum – Individual anime discussions.

[tabby title=”Pictures”]

Anime Pictures/Artwork/Fan Art

Deviant Art – Mostly fan art drawings.

Safebooru – Search for anime pictures.

The Otaku – Fan art, wallpapers and comics.

Zerochan – Upload fan art.

Tumblr Anime Fan Art – Collection of the best fan art on the internet.

Anime Fan Art Tumblr v2 – Hand drawn fan art.

Anime Sketch – Hand drawn anime sketches.

PhotoBucket – Anime picture category.

Fanpop Anime – Pictures and wallpapers.

Joy Reactor Anime Section – Gifs, funny pictures and fan art.

Anime Gallery – Images and wallpapers from a wide range of anime. Great place to find avatars.

Anime Cubed – Pictures, wallpapers, girls and manga.

[tabby title=”Manga”]


Viz Manga – Legit and legal manga site.

Reddit Manga – Manga discussion about the latest manga releases.

How to Draw Manga – Learn to draw anime characters and sketches. They have free tutorials and premium paid ones.

[tabby title=”Blogs”]


Anime Nation Blog – All things anime!

Star Cross – Anime blogger and is frequently updated.

Anime Nano – Fan blog submission of anything related to anime.

Anime Diet – Cosplays, media, music related to anime.

Sea Slug – Anime fan blog.

Pantless Anime Blogger – Anime summary and opinions.

Chizumatic – Blogger with anime reviews.

Random C – Opinions of the latest Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter animes.

[tabby title=”Cosplay and Apps”]


Cosplay Tutorial – Learn how to create your anime cosplay.

Cosplay Buy – Sells specific anime cosplay items.

Anime Cosplay Tumblr – Picture gallery of the best anime cosplays.

Hello Cosplay – A large variety of cosplay items for anime and gaming.

Mobile Apps

Mangazone(Android/iOS) – App to read manga on your mobile phone.

Crunchy Roll App(Android) – Watch anime on your phone.

Tenpenchii(Android) – Helps you discover new anime and track animes you have watched.

[tabby title=”Merchandise”]


Rightstuf – Sells all kinds of anime merchandise such as apparels, accessories, figurines, DVDs, collectibles and more.

Waifu Pillows – Sells your favorite waifu pillows to your doorstep! There are also other merchandise such as t-shirts. But if you want custom waifu pillows, this is the place to be.

Anime Stuff Store – Sells all kinds of anime stuff such as jewelry, mouse pads, plushies and more. You can also find cosplay costumes and wigs here.

Otaku Mode – All kinds of anime figures and fashion.

Anime Corner Store – Focuses on DVDs, character goods, manga books and figurines.

399 Anime Shop – Unique merchandise that also sells cosplay items.

Otaku Fuel – Sells plushies, cell phone accessories, wallets, bags, keychains, art supplies and more.

Otaku Shop US – US based anime merchandise shop. Sells clothes, pillows and apparels.

AnimUK – UK based shop for people in Europe.




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