26 Best Jinx Cosplay from League of Legends

26 Best Jinx Cosplay from League of Legends

Jinx is the hyper AD carry of LoL and quite a popular character that cosplayers love to cosplay! I have hand picked the top Jinx cosplays I found on various sources. Some are great or crazy while others are sexy. All the classic Jinx, Mafia, Slayer and Firecracker Jinx skin are included. Enjoy!

Classic Jinx Skin

Jinx Cosplay 1

Source: Kinpatsu-Cosplay

Jinx Cosplay 2

Source: 2165-4561

Jinx Cosplay 13

Source: nadyasonika

Jinx Cosplay 3

Source: Misty Maikyrie

Jinx Cosplay 4

Source: Kinpatsu-Cosplay

Jinx Cosplay 5

Source: RinnieRiot

Jinx Cosplay 16

Source: HelimatraCosplay

Jinx Cosplay 18

Source: Kawaielli

Jinx Cosplay 6

Source: Screwy-Soul

Jinx Cosplay 7

Source: Amanda La Palme

Jinx Cosplay 12

Source: Jesmine Cosplay

Jinx Cosplay 20

Source: ShiSha-Rainbow

Jinx and Vi

Jinx Cosplay 8

Source: Char Cosplays(Jinx) and CosplayRode(Vi)

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