[Top 6] Best Laptop Bags, Cases and Sleeves

When it comes to getting a suitable laptop bag, you will have to decide what type of bags you want. I would always recommend having one to protect your laptop from damage while traveling, be it long or short distance travels.

Things To Consider

When making a choice on the best bag, case or sleeve to be used, the individual’s personal style plays a critical role when it comes to accessories. Laptop bag makers use different techniques in trying to protect the cargo and lessen any force of impact should the cargo fall or just be jolted.

Padding: – offers protection in a simple way to that involves compressing cargo.

An elastic sling – helps absorb vertical shock to reduce the force of impact.

Prior knowledge of your needs vs. wants helps ensure that you cover the functional purpose of your traveling kit before selection. The choice of traveling kit depends on what it will be subjected to how much you travel. The size of a laptop, fabric material used in making them, the amount of protection offered by each kit, type of shoulder straps, the traveling kit’s internal compartment layout and the built quality are also taken into consideration.

Bags: – offer more protection with adequate storage room for carrying a laptop and other accessories i.e. charger adapter. They are recommended for long distance traveling.

Sleeves: they are light weight and sleek. However, they offer minimal protection that is ideal for protecting against scratches rather than high impact and are not ideal for long distance traveling since they don’t have straps.

Cases: – adopts the traditional hard shell briefcase design with padded interior. Provides maximum protection and is often used by business people. It has a handle, strap or a combination of both for ease of carrying.

 1. AmazonBasics Backpack for Laptops Up To 17-Inch


It is ideal for long distance traveling due to its multi compartments that can give you extra storage space for carrying the adapter and possibly an extra external disk drive. In addition to this, it has padded sleeve for the laptop offering double protection against scratches and physical damage that might result from falling or jolted impact. Its many compartmental layouts allow for you to store additional accessories in different pockets for easy accessibility.

Its internal lining provides extra cushioning that can help protect against jolt impacts. Its zipper placement utilizes both the top and side techniques to ensure ease of accessing contents of the bag. The internal straps hold the laptop in place hence reducing impact in case it falls. It is convenient for school or work usage as it provides enough storage that is organized well.

2. Business Laptop Backpack, Mancro Travel Bag with Headphone Port and USB Charging Hole, Ecofriendly Water Resistant Backpack for Women / Men, Fits up to 17 Inch Laptop / Tablet


Its slim nature reduces its weight making it convenient for long travels that involve carrying the laptop on your back. Among the useful functions incorporated in its design include its dual metal zippers that protect the valuables inside. Provision of convenient Micro-USB and headphone hole gives easy access to the laptop whereas its padded back panel and adjustable straps provide the ultra-comfort required for long distance traveling.

The bag further maximizes organization and storage with over ten functional compartments that can allow for storage of other items. It is made of nylon fabric which makes it rain resistant hence ideal for daily use to work or school, occasional travel or a weekend gateway.

3. Case Logic 14.1-Inch Slim Case for Laptop/iPad


Its additional side compartment provides adequate space for storing an adapter, external drive, and possible two files. Its slim design allows it to be carried inside another bag, carry the case by itself or be attached to rolling luggage by use of its luggage strap.

The strap and handles make it easy to carry even over long distances. The external fabric is stiff and sturdy hence can handle jolting and bump shocks during traveling. Its compartments are designed to provide ease of access to the side pocketable to carry A4 size documents without crimping and bending them.At the same time, the main front pocket is large and can allow for the carrying of power cords comfortably out of the way for laptop storage.

4. ProtoCASE – 13.3-Inch Laptop and Tablet Bag Computer Carrying Case Cover Sleeve with Side Pockets for MacBook Pro, Air, Ultrabook, iPad Pro Sleeve


It is a sleek and good looking case that is well padded with a zipper that seals the laptop from inside. The exterior of the case is relatively stiff, hence it can withstand any shocks that might result from even a drop on a concrete sidewalk.

However, it lacks adequate storage space with compartments that are tight and is not effective for carrying additional accessories like the laptop charger. Recommended for carrying light laptops with no extra bulk like external storage disks and files. Has a professional look to its design and can be conveniently used for business working environments.

5. AmazonBasics 15-Inch to 15.6-Inch Laptop Sleeve

Its slim design conveniently allows for you to carry it by itself under your arm or be carried inside another bag as secondary protection against scratches and to provide cushioning against falling impact. It uses a top zipper to facilitate easy access for you. Its lack of handles makes them less appropriate for long distance travels that involve carrying them. The exterior fabric is considerably stiff and helps provide protection against falling impacts.

6. ProCase 13 – 13.5 Inch Laptop Sleeve Case Cover Bag for Macbook Pro Air, Surface Book, Most 12″ 13″ Laptop


The design of this sleeve is quite simple but still meets a lot of individual needs be it for work, school or traveling. Its slim design makes it portable with options on to take alone or slide into another bag. It’s made of soft fabric that cushions, protects against scratches, dust and bump impact.

However, its limitation is in compartmental pockets that are more designed to be seen than used as they are tight and adding items into the pockets makes them bulge. It features a side zipper that helps make it TAS compliant hence no need to remove the laptop from the sleeve for airport scans.