Uber Promo Code 2016: Coupon Guide for a Free Ride!

Uber Promo Code - Free Ride

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Uber is the new revolutionary way to travel that is comparable to the Air BnB of ride shares. In this age of ever increasing global online connectivity as well as global e-interaction, exchange, and transaction, this program not only allows you to connect with real people in real time, but to get your transportation needs met in an easy, affordable way.

If you haven’t already tried Uber for the first time, but have heard all of your friends talking about it, you now have a chance through using their first ride free promotion code offer. Below I will provide some simple and up to date information and instructions on how to join for free and benefit from this amazing service for discounted transportation in many cities around the world.

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Promo Code FAQ’s

What is a promo code?

A promo code is a method of providing online discounts that many online vendors use to promote their services. Promotion codes can also often be called coupon codes. Promotion codes can often signify a 10 or 20% discount on an entire order. At times, marketers online will give out promotion codes that give a free trial version of the product or service for the first time or for long time customers and users.

What does a promo code look like?

A promo code typically consists of numbers and letters in no particular order and often scrambled to be different per coupon code.Potential or existing customers can then enter these codes into a promotion box on a product line’s website or online store to obtain their percentage discount on their order. How are promo codes used? Promo codes are often used by online merchandisers to allow potential customers to try out their product or service for their first time.

How do I get a promo code?

Promotion codes are typically not offered on the service or product websites. Affiliate marketing programs are more often than not used to disperse promotion codes to a typical potential customer database. At times, you may receive promotion codes through email marketing, newsletters, and Facebook marketing programs. In order to find a promo code for the specific service you are looking for such as Uber, you can go online and do a simple google search. Here is a sample list of websites you can get Uber promotion codes on:

Instructions To Get Uber App

Uber App Features

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There are three main ways to get an Uber App. This app is used widely and downloaded on the i-tunes store. If you go to your Apple I-tunes store, you can search for the Uber App. From there, just enter in your information and download it with a simple click immediately. This App is compatible with the i-pad, i-pod touch, and i-phone. When you enter in your information, after you get your ride, Uber will charge your credit card or pay pal account immediately in real time, with no time delays or waiting periods to know how much your ride costed you.

Typically Uber is known for it’s great rates on travel and ride shares. The app is also downloadable on Android and Google Play. Again, simply enter your information and download the app. The app works on Android in the exact same way as on Apple products. Another way to get the Uber App is through their website (https://www.uber.com/).

Uber Free Ride Steps

Simply enter your information and get started on the Uber program. On this site, it also gives you extra information about the program, along with information about how to become a driver, should that interest you.

How to Use Your Promo Code

To use your promo code, simply go to the promotion code affiliate marketer websites by doing a search on google. Next, choose the promotion code that works best for you, your area, and your price range. Once you have chosen and written down or cut and pasted your promotion code, go back to the product or services page of Uber or other service/product.

Click on their marketplace or online store and insert the promotion code in the box they will provide. This will automatically credit you with a free ride on Uber for your first time, or with another type of discount based on the promotion code you have chosen.

Uber Vehicle Options with Code/Coupon

Typically Uber provides vehicles with the minimum standards and requirements of being less than 10 years new (2006 and up), being a four door vehicle with no cosmetic damage, having passed a vehicle inspection, having passed a driver’s background check, and being fully insured by the driver’s full name. With, or without coupon codes, customers are now able to choose their types of cars in certain destinations.

Options include: Classic black car SUV or sedan option for Uber X (vehicle choice program), hybrid and mid ranged car choices in a variety of colors, 4 seater cars, and the SUV specific option that allows you to seat up to six people at lower rates.

The following variety of options are available via the coupon code and promo code programs:

  • A free ride plus free wifi in the car deal
  • Double referral bonus every time you refer a friend
  • First ride free deal
  • Location specific get first or other rides free deal
  • 50% off your first booking deal
  • Uber points for free deals

Get Started Now!

In order to get started use UberX and Uber, simply by downloading the app on iphone or android. At the top of each map, choose the vehicle or location/driver you would like to use. Select your pickup location, and hit the request button. You will soon receive a text acknowledging that a driver will be on their way to pick you up. When the driver has arrived, another text will be sent. The rates are completely up front and transparent. They are shown at the top right hand corner of your app.

After you have downloaded your app and ordered your first ride, enjoy the experience!

Disclaimer: This site is not owned or operated by Lyft or Uber. We do not work directly for Lyft, Inc or Uber, Inc. The views expressed throughout this blog are those of our own and not of the companies mentioned. We are just here to help out potential new riders and drivers.