Top 10 Most Unexpected Anime Plot Twists [Spoilers!]

That moment when you’re watching an anime, you get to the conclusion of an episode, and you’re just like, “WHAAAAAAT?”

That beautiful moment. The plot twist.

We’re going to cover some of the best plot twists we’ve seen in anime over the years, and so I shouldn’t have to tell you, there will be spoilers galore. We’re not even going to try to hide them, because that would completely defeat the purpose.

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Eren is a Titan (Attack on Titan)

Attack on Titan M

First, you see Eren pretty clearly getting eaten and losing his arm. A couple of episodes later, you see a Titan running through, wreaking havoc on other Titans.

Later still, you find out Eren’s father injected him with Titan power and WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON ANYMORE.

Later you find out, Eren is basically the only character the series isn’t willing to kill. Oof.


Mami Dies Horrifically (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Like, the entirety of this series is basically a plot twist. There are people who look at the art and probably think it’s still a sweet little show about magical girls.

Well, it turns out it’s dark and messed up. One of your super cute protagonists is decapitated and then eaten by the witch Charlotte in episode 3. That’s a bit early for a plot twist, but it sure is a tone-setter. This ain’t Sailor Moon.


Sometimes Harems End Poorly (School Days)

School Days

School Days is an interesting deconstruction of the typical harem anime. And by “interesting” I mean the main character Makoto is a horrible scumbag who just cheats on everybody. Really, that’s more-or-less what a harem anime would be, if the main character actually acted on his base desires.

So I want you to look at the picture above. Got it? Great. Here’s the ending of this series.

Makoto’s girlfriend Sekai, the one girl most hurt by his cheating, looks through the pictures on his phone of all the girls Makoto has slept with. So she comes over to his house, stabs him several times in the back, cuts his head off, and shows his head to his other girlfriend, Kotonoha. In response, Kotonoha slits Sekai’s throat, carves into her uterus to ensure she wasn’t pregnant, then cradles Makoto’s head, assuring it that they can be together now.

The moral of this story: DON’T DO ANY OF THESE THINGS EVER.


L Dies (Death Note)

death note

For 25 episodes, Death Note was built up to be a battle of wits between the detective L and the self-proclaimed deliverer of justice, Light Yagami.

And then at the end of episode 25, that battle ends with Light being the undisputed victor. And then there’s 12 more episodes.

Whether or not thereĀ should have been 12 more episodes is up for debate, but knowing there was more series to come, it was definitely shocking.


The Timeline is Fractured (Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni)

Higurashi When They Cry

There is no end to the plot twists inĀ Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni. Every arc ends in an unexpected (and usually brutal, horrible) way, but the most shocking revelation comes at the beginning of the second season, when you find out that the arcs are all connected.

Not only that, but Rika Furude has been living out the tragedy each time and keeps being reborn into a new one, only to see the same plot arcs play out and lead to the death of her or her friends.

Kudos to Rika for not completely losing it entirely.