Top 10 Most Unexpected Anime Plot Twists [Spoilers!]

Junko Enoshima is Alive – and Crazy (Danganronpa)

Danganronpa The Animation

Again, it’s difficult to pick out a single plot twist from a series basically built on them. But the reveal of the mastermind Junko Enoshima, who has been controlling Monokuma from a distance, certainly deserves mention – especially since she was apparently killed in the second episode.

Honorable mention for best Danganronpa plot twist/spoiler is that whole thing where there’s been a time skip thanks to two years of amnesia, and the entire world outside Hope’s Peak Academy is ruined.


Kamina… (Gurren Lagann)

Gurren Lagann

In the infamous episode 8 of Gurren Lagann, series protagonist and all-around cool guy Kamina faces an epic battle, wins, and dies from his injuries.

So now you’re left with basically worthless Simon, and also-cool-but-now-crestfallen Yoko. And somehow the series actually gets better from here. That’s probably the biggest twist of them all.


It was Adachi (Persona 4: The Animation)

Persona 4 The Animation

Tohru Adachi goes through almost the entire series playing the role of bumbling buddy cop, the newbie who’s constantly screwing up and getting yelled at by his more experienced parter, Ryotaro Dojima (the protagonist’s uncle).

It isn’t until they everything seems lost, that the Investigation Team adds everything up and comes up with the theory that Adachi could be involved with the string of murders they’re trying to solve.

Confronted with the findings, Adachi lets slip a piece of information that incriminates him beyond a doubt (“Namatame’s the one who threw them all in!”), and eventually reveals he’s been pulling the strings of the Investigation Team from the very beginning – for no reason other than his own entertainment.


Kurisu’s Fate (Steins;Gate)


Another series which is just plot twist after plot twist, and this is just one of many. Stein’s Gate is about time travel, and parallel timelines, and a bunch of kids screwing things up.

Eventually, they discover the damage they are doing by messing with timelines, and start working to set things back to normal. Of course, to do that, they have to sacrifice one of their closest friends.

And so it’s decision time.


Yuno’s Plan (Mirai Nikki)

Mirai Nikki

Like Steins;Gate, there is plenty of time travel and dimensional twists in Mirai Nikki. In fact, there are lots of similarities between the two series.

But slowly, heroine(?) Yuno Gasai reveals herself to be so yandere-obsessed with protagonist Yukiteru Amano, that she has already won the survival game (that the series is based around) in another timeline, but had to kill Yukiteru himself to do so.

Her plan is to reset the timeline repeatedly and relive her final days with him in an endless cycle. And to do so, she has to not only reverse the timeline, but also find and kill herself in that current timeline, so that she can take the place of that timeline’s Yuno.

That’s dedication. Maybe too much.