Animation Throwdown: Quest for Cards [Tips and Tricks]

Animation Throwdown: Quest for Cards [Tips and Tricks]

Welcome to the Animation Throwdown Tips and Tricks guide! We’ll be covering Pocket Sand, Hypnotoad and how effective Propane is while playing this game.

Playing the Game


Animation Throwdown is a fun and somewhat casual card game but there are a few surprises to it. You don’t get to choose which card or avatar your cards will attack, so generally once you have the upper hand with cards that can one shot the opponents cards it is really tough to get back into the game.

The only time this changes is if they have a card with a special ability. There are quite a few special abilities, which you can find on the bottom left hand side of a card that have a wide arrange of effects on the cards in play.

Examples of this is the Wall which can block a point of damage, steel plate which becomees like armor for one of the cards, regenerate health, counter attack and more. These are the type of cards that easily change the pace of the game, so make sure you have them in your front line.

You can play the game in 4X auto play when its unlocked but I don’t recommend it unless you’re on a easy stage, because the AI is kind of terrible at placing down the right cards and it can cost you a lot of lives.

Deck and Card Research

In your deck you will be able to customize your card layout, don’t bother doing this until you’ve cleared the first 3 boss stages to at least a silver rating.

Tapping on a card in your play set will allow you to use Power to upgrade your cards level until level 3, then you will need a duplicate level 3 card to fuse the card to repeat this process to further strength your cards.


Researching plays a very important role in the game, by doing Research with two different cards you will unlock the potential to do combinations between that set of cards during the game.

Each card pairs with a different card, so you will have to research a lot of combinations. Start out with your most frequently played or appearing cards so you have a lot of potential combos. Different rarity levels will also provide stronger combined card combos.

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