Destiny Knights Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Destiny Knights Guide [Tips and Tricks]


Welcome everyone, to the Destiny Knights tips and tricks guide. This guide is designed to help you understand the basics of the game and further your overall experience.

Destiny Knights

The Basics

Destiny Knights is a mobile RPG character collector where you build a team of warriors to fight through different dungeons. It’s a Gatcha game similar to other mobile games on the market.

You follow the story of the game with a predetermined team and as you progress you’ll unlock more characters. Each character is unique can be customized and upgraded in different ways.

This game is sort of a “rail game” in terms of its battle system. Your characters automatically move on their own and attack on their own so you’re basically just watching the action go down.

But you do have to manually input the use of their skills in order for them to use them. You can unlock Auto-Skills after the first few missions if you’re the kind of player who likes to utilize auto functions.

Each character has different sets of skills and different uses within a team. Some are strict damage characters, some grant buffs, others have healing skills.

A character’s skills are just as important as the character themselves. When you start building up your main team later in the game you wanna base it off of what skills your available characters have to offer.

Team composition is an important thing in this game and having skills that complement one another is the key to victory. It’s all about strategizing your team comp and this is something you’ll learn as you progress through the game.

Aside from skills, there are a few that can be used in slightly different ways depending on the scenario. In some cases, an enemy will get a red circle around them that slowly goes away over time.


If you drag a skill with Red arrows to it your character will do a rush attack. It’s a timing thing and it can only be used this way while that red circle is around the enemy.

Same goes for other skills with other different triggers in a fight. Sometimes it’s a red circle for rushing for others it may be a circle of light for a different skill. It’s explained very well in the first few missions of the game.

On top of all that, there are also Strike moves. This is kind of an ultimate move you can do after you land enough hits during a fight.

Your characters auto-attack and with each hit, your Strike meter will rise. When it gets full you can do a Strike move with is a powerful attack that deals heavy damage and can also have other effects like knocking down an enemy.

If you have characters with Strike moves you wanna build up to them in every fight as often as possible. They’re going to be your main method of dealing damage.

The Characters

Like most collector games the characters are the main function of Destiny Knights. You do character summons to get a random hero and then you can add them to your team.

The management of characters in this game goes into a lot of places. Most of them will be unlocked by playing through the story mode.

But the early game ones are basic character enhancement and skill upgrades. You can enhance a character by feeding other characters into the base character.

You’ll lose the ones you feed but the base character will get strong from it. There is also upgrading your skills which makes them more powerful and this is someting you’ll want to do over the course of the game.

Though character management is not really essential until mid to late game. So in the beginning just focus on playing through the story and everything will just kind of come together naturally.

Gameplay Tips

Because this game is kind of on a rail system the entire time there isn’t very much you can do actively when it comes to movement or attack. Your biggest contribution is going to be putting your effort into your heroes and team comp.

But while in battle you still control character skills if you’re not using auto-play. And there is a note I can give about using skills.

In the early stages, it’s easy to get through them with no real issues until you start hitting bosses. Your skills all have cooldown times and some of them can be pretty lengthy, up to 30 seconds and beyond.

You want to space out your skill usage and always make sure you have at least something available. You never want every single one of your skills to be on cooldown at once.

There are a lot of players who will spam all their skills at once to blow through mobs or try to deal heavy damage to an enemy all at once. But you’ll start getting punished for this by enemies as you get into the later stages.

So don’t fall into the habit of doing it, instead, learn to space them out and really think where you’re going to use them. Save your healing skills when you need them, watch for circles to use certain skills like rushing, and always keep an eye out for your Strike and use it when you know it’ll do the most effective damage.

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