Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Zadehl Westersand Exploration [Item Locations]

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Zadehl Westersand Exploration [Item Locations]

Zadehl Westersand

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Zadehl Westersand Exploration is the second map available to encounter random enemies in Lanzelt. You also get to unlock the map(Zadehl Southersands) to fight golem and acquire him as an esper.

Energy Gil Battles Unit Exp Rank Exp
9 ~1983 29 ~19353 224

Drops – Allure Powder, Aqua Pearl, Beast Meat, Book of Ruin, Chromatic Ooze, Copper Ore, Crimson Tear, Cursed Tusk, Deepsea Bloom, Demon Tail, Dragon Heart, Earth Cryst, Earth Megacryst, Esper Cryst, Esper Shard, Farplane Dew, Farplane Soul, Fire Cryst, Fire Megacryst, Gaia’s Tear, Glowseeds, God’s Reliquary, Golden Egg, Heaven’s Ash, Iron Ore, Life Orb, Litrock, Mystic Ore, Pearl of Wisdom, Quality Parts, Rainbow Needle, Rockbeetle Husk, Scripture of Time, Seed of Life, Silver Ore, Spiritsand, Talmonite of Life, Tough Scale

Collection Points – Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Fire Cryst, Fire Megacryst, Lightning Cryst, Lightning Megacryst, Earth Cryst, Earth Megacryst, Magicite Shard, Magicite, Red Magicite, Red Megacite

Enemies – Basilisk , Cactuar, Crawler , Damia, , Desert Sahagin , Scorpion , Primevil , Xiphactinus

Boss – Antlion


“A giant carnivorous insect that lives in the desert, digging deep pits that serve both of as nests and traps for its prey. Its carefully disguised snares are almost indistinguishable from ordinary sand, and the softness of the sands within means that once trapped, returning to the surface is all but impossible. Often the last sound victims hear is the clack-clacking of the antlion’s jaw as it gleefully approaches its soon-to-be-meal.”

Location – Boss Battle Lv HP MP Exp Gil
Zadehl Westersands – Bug Territory
Zadehl Westersand – Exploration
15 11000 43 900 35
Beginner B-2
15 11000 43

Antlion is weak to water and strong against earth. He is immune to gravity.

Unlock Zadehl Southersands for Esper Golem

Unlock Zadehl Southersands

First, go to the Desert Exploration Map and talk to the NPC who is lying on the ground.

Get Golem 1

Then, go to the Oasis in the middle of the map and get some Water for the NPC.

Get Golem 2

Go back to the NPC, pass him the water, and the map will unlock!

Item/Treasure Chest Locations

Zadehl Westersand Exploration Map

Location Treasure Chest
1 Flametongue
2 Star Quartz
3 Earth Key 25 (Recipe for Steal)
4 Iron Hammer
5 Muscle Belt
6 Long Bow
7 Phoenix Down
8 Hyper Wrist
9 Earth Key 13 (Kazekiri)
10 Star Quartz
11 Buster Sword
12 Iron Armor
13 Recipe for Wizard's Staff 

Silver Chest [1] – Recipe for Aerora

Silver Chest [2] – Recipe for Barstonra

Silver Chest [3] – Recipe for Paralyna

FFBE T1 Zadehl Westersand Exploration

Location 1 – Walk to the left side of the map and head north up to find a slightly hidden chest for a flametongue, a sword that gives ATK+33.

FFBE C1 Zadehl Westersand Exploration

Collection Point 1 – Head north and right of the map just above location 1 to find your first collection point.

FFBE T2 Zadehl Westersand Exploration

Location 2 – Head north of the collection point 1 to find a slightly hidden Star Quartz on the right.

FFBE T3 Zadehl Westersand Exploration FFBE T3- Zadehl Westersand Exploration

Location 3 – Head left from location 2 and check the secret spot there. Go in and head top to find an Earth Key 25 for a recipe for steal. Craft it in which now allows you to equip them on anyone with an ability slot!

FFBE S1 Zadehl Westersand Exploration

Silver Chest [1] – Backtrack from location 3 to the right. Go up the stairs. Head straight up for a recipe for Aerora. You need a magic key for this.

FFBE T4 Zadehl Westersand Exploration

Location 4 – From the silver chest [1] location, go south and downstairs to pick up an Iron Hammer.

FFBE T5 Zadehl Westersand Exploration

Location 5 – Now head all the way down south in the middle of the map for a Muscle Belt, an accessory that gives HP+10%, DEF+5.

FFBE T6 Zadehl Westersand Exploration

Location 6 – Head directly to the left side of the map from location 5 for a Long Bow(ATK+24), a weapon that also gives the Bird Killer effect(50% bonus).

FFBE S2 Zadehl Westersand Exploration

Silver Chest [2] – Now head to the left side of the map and move to the bottom left corner and find the cactus area for a recipe of Barstonra(Increase earth resistance (50%) for 3 turns to all allies).

FFBE T7 Zadehl Westersand Exploration

Location 7 – From Location 3, head north to find a Phoenix Down.

FFBE T8 Zadehl Westersand Exploration

Location 8 – Head directly left of location 7 to find a Hyper Wrist(an accessory that gives ATK+10), which is hidden behind the palm tree.

FFBE C2 Zadehl Westersand Exploration

Collection Point 2 – Now head around the lake from location 8 and find the point on the north side of the lake.

FFBE T9 Zadehl Westersand Exploration FFBE T9- Zadehl Westersand Exploration

Location 9 – Go all the way left from location 8. Check the secret spot and go in, head left and down to find Earth Key 13, which has a Kazekiri(Katana with ATK+35).

FFBE T10 Zadehl Westersand Exploration

Location 10 – This one is north of collection point 2, which has nothing but desert sand around it. The chest contains a Star Quartz.

FFBE T11 Zadehl Westersand Exploration

Location 11 – Now head to the top right side of the map and follow the little corner edge for a Buster Sword!(a great sword with ATK+35).

FFBE C3 Zadehl Westersand Exploration FFBE T12 Zadehl Westersand Exploration

Collection Point 3 and Location 12 – From location 11, follow the walls and head north to find collection point 3. Then head right, go down the stairs to get an Iron Armor(Heavy Armor with DEF+24).

FFBE S3 Zadehl Westersand Exploration

Silver Chest [3] – This chest is located right before the boss fight, which is located on the top left side of the map. You get a recipe for Paralyna.

FFBE T13 Zadehl Westersand Exploration

Location 13 – Right before the boss fight at the top left corner of the map, you can get a recipe for Wizard’s Staff. The staff gives ATK+13, MAG+6, SPR+32 and access to the spell fire.

Other Quests

Name Where Area
Ore Inspiring Grandport  Operation Desert Treasure
Operation Desert Treasure Grandport  Operation Desert Treasure 

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